Fallout 4 Vault 81

Today fresh post about fallout 4 vault 81 location and also vault 81 fallout 4 location other concepts. You know that developed for Vault-Tec and antithetical to any other vault which is located in the commonwealth, vault81 has nimble dwellers. This vault was actually designed for treating all the sickness or all the problems that the humanitarian ground is suffering from.

Now talking about the partitions in the vault, it has 2 vaults namely – the main vault and the secret vault. After a long search we can find that the dweller can get access to meet the dweller. The main vault is the place where 96 residents can make their home safely in the vault for future. In the safety vault, where the Vault-Tec experts reside and study about all the residents which are exposure to the diseases and their cure.

All the diseases are emancipate the nozzles are to be of the same size irrespective of all the other issues. Also in any case of evacuation, the nozzles are incinerated with the same nozzle. Dr. Olivette was having a major doubt about the use of this vault about the human experiments as well. Let me share more about fallout 4 vault 81.

fallout 4 vault 81

Fallout 4 vault 81

If the plan she made was not up to the mark, she had pre planned to blow a whistle. But after a brief she discovered that the government had federal backers also. The real nature of the experiment was different.

Dr Olivette was also determined to not let use the people as mere animals for the experiments. During the Great War, on one of the mornings, the doctor received a call regarding the staff and the resident’s notifications, but Dr. Olivette did something different.

She destroyed all the call details and never let the staff know about the call or the notification as well. But three scientists were creating a solution for the disease. They were Jim Flint, Burrow and Kenneth Collins. The scientists did all the experiment cures while Olivette watched them do so. Also the scientists had upgraded their level to second and the third stage, and were into the process of human testing.

vault 81 fallout 4

But there was something else to happen, prior to the human testing; Dr. Olivette had disassembled the human testing delivery system. Upon that, she had also closed all the secret vaults so that all the scientists die there and then in the vault itself.

Also she had guarded all the gates of the secret vault so that the secret of the three scientists remained a secret from the common people as well as the real purpose of the vault could be fulfilled. And the secret of the vault remained a secret.

The last population, of the three scientists was mole rats. They were keen doing the experiments on the rats. Also, there was shortage of the staff people so; Dr. Collins made Miss Nanny as the lab assistant. She was now equipped with great responsibilities and the charge which she was given to bear. This charge had made the lab assistant, Miss Nanny to Miss Curie.

As the time passed by, the scientists were of great age and eventually died. But Curie had not stopped practicing the cure. Till many years she made experiments and tried to make good cure for the universe.

Fallout 4 vaults

After such a great level of dedication she had reached a level of great self discovery. Patiently she was waiting in the secret vault for years waiting for a response from the vault security.

Also the residents in the vault went on with the normal lives completely unaware about anything that was happening in the meantime or that they had been intended as subject of tests.

There was a severe need of food and other supplies and also the repair of the tools that were getting deteriorated in the vault but there was no other option madam Curie. Call so it was not in easy task for the repairing of the tools because the residents maintained isolation from the people.

In 2287 bobby De Luca one of the one of the dwellers had discovered an entrance into the secret vault and used to store his drugs. Also Austin Engill, when was in to check there were mole rats in the lab and he was bit by one. The rat which bit Austin angle was also infected by the same diseased that was used in the experiment which led Austin to get the unknown disease.

Austin when released the existence of the vault and the only survivor agreed for searching the cure. While he was inside the fault he discovered Curie who gave him the last dose of her Universal cure there was a problem that the sole survivor could either use it for himself call the weather, else he could use it on Austin.

The vault 81 is bifurcated into mainly two areas that are- the regular vault it is a place where the residents live and also a secret observation area where the scientist’s team used to observe the dwellers of the vault and also researched. But in 2287 there was a problem that the secret area had too many special breeds of mole rats.

Even though the regular volt was still functional and a place for the vault dwellers to live. Talking about the entrances from the main vault to the secret world, there was a lobby where an elevator is located and also secret door to the reactor room. Even though the elevator could not be used until the end of the hole in the wall Quest and the secret door was not even unlocked before the beginning of the so called quest.

Had the last cure been given to Austin; then they could be eligible to get a room in the secret vault as well as the syringe rifle also. The instruments which were earlier owned could now be easily picked up by the survivor and the resident would also not interrupt.

Vault 81 is an iconic location in Fallout 4, serving both as a quest hub and fully functioning vault. Known for its distinctive residents and related quests, it holds great historical value and holds many secrets that may help in survival of your character. Here is some more information about this vault:

Location: Vault 81 can be found in the central-western region of the Commonwealth near Quincy. It lies south of Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup and southwest of Quincy Ruins.

Accessing Vault 81: To gain entry, complete a quest called “Vault 81.” It begins by encountering Mole Rat Disease; alternatively, explore the area to locate its entrance and gain entry directly.

  • Vault 81 Quest: For this quest, your objective will be to assist the residents with dealing with mole rat infestation in Vault 81. Simply follow the quest markers, speak to security officer at entrance and proceed throughout vault until completing goal.
  • Unique Features: Vault 81 stands out for many reasons. As one of the few vaults still functional and inhabited by an active community, its residents provide various services such as doctors, general stores and schools – something not often found within vaults themselves.
  • Vault 81 serves as the starting location for Curie, the companion robot Miss Nanny with aspirations to become human. Interacting with Curie and advancing her storyline may open up new opportunities.
  • Side Quests: Vault 81 offers many side quests that offer additional opportunities to explore and interact with its inhabitants. These could involve helping residents, uncovering secrets, or resolving disputes within its walls.
  • Unique Items: Exploring Vault 81 can reveal invaluable items and equipment, including weapons, armor, and collectibles that may lie buried deep within its depths. Be thorough in your exploration to uncover all its treasures!
  • Mole Rat Disease: While in Vault 81, you may contract Mole Rat Disease from being bitten by certain mole rats. While this disease will reduce your maximum HP levels temporarily, a quest-specific cure can provide effective relief from its symptoms.

Vault 81 provides an immersive and special experience within Fallout 4. Interacting with its residents, completing quests, and uncovering its mysteries can bring rewards that enhance the overall game play experience.

Are there any redeeming qualities in Vault 81?

Yes, Vault 81 in Fallout 4 stands out in several ways. As a fully functioning vault with its own community of dwellers – traders, doctors, quest givers – traders, doctors, quest givers and quest takers. Furthermore, it features notable companions such as Curie along with an interesting plotline related to medical research projects and offers access to rare items and supplies available at its vendor.

Does Vault 81 warrant three fusion cores?

Vault 81 can offer unique quests, companions and access to a medical clinic with skilled doctors if you find value in these aspects and possess enough fusion cores to gain entry. If this appeals to you and you possess enough resources available to gain entry, gaining entry may be worthwhile.

Why is Vault 81 attacking me?

If the inhabitants of Vault 81 are attacking you for various reasons, it could be related to hostile actions taken within or theft committed within.

Furthermore, power armor may pose a threat and thus prompting the dwellers to defend themselves in response. As always, it is best to remain mindful of your actions and maintain positive relations with fellow vaulters.

What is the solution to Vault 81’s problems?

Vault 81’s secret cure can be found by undertaking the “Hole in the Wall” quest, wherein players help find a remedy for an unknown ailment afflicting one of its residents and find an antidote by collecting blood samples from mole rats and developing an experimental vaccine.

Who do I contact in Vault 81?

Vault 81’s residents offer quests, trade items, or provide information. Notable individuals include Overseer McNamara, Dr. Penske, Katy the teacher and Bobby De Luca among many others.

What special weapon do I have access to at Vault 81?

Vault 81 doesn’t boast its own set of special weapons; however, there are various pieces you can obtain through quests or exploring other locations within the game.

Does the canteen in Vault 13 heal you?

The Vault 13 Canteen is unique to Fallout: New Vegas and does not heal you when consumed; rather it serves as an inexhaustible source of water when drunk from.

How do I make Curie human again?

Curie begins as a Miss Nanny robot but can be transformed into a human synth through “Emergent Behavior”. To complete her personal quest and initiate this transformation, make specific choices during it – including taking her to Doctor Amari at Memory Den in Goodneighbor and later to Vault 81 for further modifications.

Can You Flirt with Curie in Fallout 4?

Yes, flirtatious dialogue options with Curie as your companion are available in Fallout 4. Depending on your gender and relationship status, romantic relations could develop between her and you.

Curie is an artificial intelligence who initially lacks personal experiences or preferences, yet gravitates toward the Brotherhood of Steel due to their commitment to order, stability, and preservation of technology, which coincides with her programming objectives.

Can Curie heal me during combat?

Curie can act as your companion in Fallout 4, providing healing services when combat hits low health levels. She may use any available stimpaks in your inventory for this purpose and use them when your health decreases further. Furthermore, assign her as settlement doctor and she can offer these same healing services to the residents in the settlements you manage.


But if the cure was not given to Austin then the sole survivor was considered as the blame for the death of Austin and a memorial is made for him with a poster to remember him as ‘ America lives on in you’ poster. At last, Curie asks the last survivor to come with him to commonwealth as a companion, for further research with her.

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