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Curie is nothing but a former robotic laboratory assistant and now the Curie acts as an independent and individual wasteland researcher. After giving many post today here is best article on Fallout 4 Curie likes, Quest, affinity and also Fallout 4 Curie Romance, Hope you will enjoy this.

Fallout 4 Curie?

The Curie has self-control and she has the power to rebuilt a French accent along with excels, machines and medicines. Moreover, the Curie is said to be non-human companion which has the feeling of romance attached.

The Curie also has the power to attack and knock down enemies along with the melee attack. It gets very important to improve your relationship with curie in the Fallout 4 battle and in order to do so, there is proper guide suggested to follow.

Fallout 4 Curie

How to improve your relationship with Curie? Fallout 4 Companion guide!

To be very frank, improving personal relationship with Curie has many ways and this proper guide will help to choose the best one for you. We all know that the Fallout 4 has unique varieties keeping the potential companions together that will further help the Company to research the wasteland.

Taking advantage of the perks is always beneficial and for this, it’s needed to fix the max of affinity along with plenty of actions available.

Fallout 4 Curie likes

Curie as Miss Nanny Robot in Vault 81!

The French accented Miss Nanny, Curie researches in Vault 81 and this is the place where the “ Hole in the Wall” quest can be recruited that will further open up the Vault. The player character can later enhance the opportunity to transfer Curie’s mind into Female Synth.

She has a companion which means that she has the power of bad choices during the travels and she can avoid or ignore the bad/ selfish choices. Further, the Curie will also appreciate the generous player and she will reward them with other characters.

While making the dialogue choices, curie has the main objective here of positive and who gives peaceful response that will help to de-escalate the conflict if any and also appreciates spirited people.

Keeping the relationship with Curie at high level is very important and to do so, you will need some of the actions to be avoided that the Curie might disapprove with. If your behavior gets violent or any other bad like get greedy with the get a chum addiction, this will have direct impact on your relation with Curie.

This will hurt the relationship wills is not at all suggested. Do not worry as there are few tips or can say few actions that you can follow to improve your relationship with Curie.

Curie as Miss Nanny

Actions helpful to improve relationship with Curie:

Perform these actions in order to build up a high level relationship with Curie.

  • In Curie; presence, heal the Dog meat
  • In Curie’s presence, donate out the items that you gained from the Miscellaneous Quests.
  • In her presence, make sure that you choose a nice dialogue option in response while you have a conversation with other characters.
  • You can also choose a mean dialogue option to talk with another character. It all depends on the situation.
  • And lastly, try and make an attempt to resolve any conflict and stay positive during the process of talking with another character.

Avoid/ignore doing these actions that might hurt your relationship with Curie:

You defienelty want to improve your relationship with Curie and not want to spoil. There are few repeatable actions that you should avoid. Follow them.

  • Do not try asking for any increased reward and sound to be greedy with dialogue response.
  • Be smart enough to not act violently against the non-hostile character
  • Do not steal in front of Curie during her presence.
  • Do not kill any neutral Mister Gutsy or Mister handy in presence of Curie.
  • Do not become an CChems addict
  • And lastly, do not try to retrieve any Synths for the institute.

Try these one-time actions that will throw positive effect on Curie:

There are few one-time actions that will help to get the positive effect and further improve your relationship with Curie. Let’s get to know them quickly.

  • Try the side with Ironsides while the Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution quest takes place and you get to hit the janitor.
  • Make sure you impress the Curie by joining the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • One can try the one-time action of suing Curie’s help to save out Danny Suvillian at the time of “In sheep’s clothing” quest.
  • Also try the one-time action emphasizing more on love especially at the time of speaking to Miss Edna in diamond’s city Schoolhouse.
  • Inform Moe Cronin about baseball and say that this was not a violent sport in his “Swatters” shack in the Diamond City.

Get One- time actions with very positive effect:

These one-time actions will surely draw a very positive effect on Curie and improve your relationship. Read the list carefully.

  • Try the one-time action of completing the experiment at the Cambridge Polymer Labs along with combing the U-238 with Gold and Lithium.
  • Also try the one0time action which will improve very positive affect when you defend the synths at the time of meeting Desdemona, the Railroad’s leader.
  • Make sure you perform the action of giving Brian Virgil the experimental serum towards the end of the Glowing Sea quest.

When all the positive actions are completed, this hints that you have competed enough of these actions and Emergent behavior notifications pops up stating that the Curie is all set to “idolize” you.

They immediately you can see the flirt dialogue option and this option have some speech cheeks options attached to them while speaking to Curie. Now it gets interesting from this point as the player gets the choice of two routes.

You can either choose to romance with Curie or you can choose to remain a platonic with Curie. Whichever route you take, you should ensure that you really don’t have to romance a companion to get the perk as the perk results for Fallout 4 Companions are maxed-out affinity.

If you choose to not romance with Curie:

if this route is taken by you, then you need to talk with performing the one-time actions and repeatable actions that will help you to get approved by her.

After seeing the ‘idolized” notification box, you will get the hint that you are at the home of strict and you are required to continue choosing the supportive and positive dialogue options popping your way. Also, do not forget to ask about curie’s research and how she is doing with her new human body. This throws very purist effect.

If you choose to romance Curie:

if you take the route of romancing with Curie, then you can take full advantage of the Flirt Dialogue option every time and use this opportunity that will further help to throw good response.

By choosing and completing the speech cheeks will instantly improve your relationship with Curie and make sure that your Charisma is of high level to impress her.  During the time when Curie loves you, you need to gain the temporary “Lover Embrace perk”. Here after you can take a nap and then continue to boost up the mission and get back where you stopped.

Curie can be found initially in Vault 81 of Fallout 4. She is a Miss Nanny robot that has gained sentience, seeking humanization. Curie is popularly chosen by players due to her endearing personality and unique story arc.

To recruit Curie as your companion, follow these steps.

Locate Vault 81: Vault 81 can be found in the central-western region of Commonwealth, near Quincy. You can discover it by following the quest “Vault 81” or exploring its surroundings.

Finish the Vault 81 Quest: When arriving at Vault 81, speak with the security officer at its entrance. They will inform you about a mole rat infestation inside and need your assistance to deal with it. Completing “Hole in the Wall” by aiding vault dwellers with this issue will gain you entry to their vault.

  • Interact with Curie: Once inside Vault 81, explore and interact with its inhabitants. Soon enough you will encounter Curie, initially an Asteroid robot working as a scientist within Vault 81. Strike up conversation with her to express your admiration of her research work and express interest in what you find out from her.
  • Assist Curie: Curie will express a wish to become human, asking for your assistance in finding a means of transfering her consciousness into human form. Agreeing to assist will open her up as an option as a potential companion.
  • Complete Curie’s Personal Quest: To advance Curie’s storyline and realize her full potential, she needs to complete her personal quest known as “Emergent Behavior”. This involves exploring certain locations and making decisions that influence her transformation into a synth body. Follow prompts and align choices with Curie’s goals.
  • Once you’ve accomplished Curie’s personal quest, she can become your traveling companion throughout the Commonwealth. She specializes in medical assistance and her default weapon is a laser rifle.
  • Interacting with Curie during your travels will reveal more of her past and her desire to learn about humanity. By building rapport through dialogue and actions, you may unlock additional perks and strengthen the bond.

Curie’s charisma and charming nature have made her a popular companion choice in Fallout 4. Make the most of exploring the wasteland together!


Curie is your companion in Fallout 4, starting off as an automated maid robot and later transitioning into an intelligent synth companion. Here are the answers to any queries related to Curie’s preferences or potential romance options:

Does Madame Curie approve of your joining the Institute?

Yes, Curie approves of joining the Institute in Fallout 4. She finds the advanced technology and scientific pursuits very appealing.

But how can you get her to fall for you?

To attract Curie in Fallout 4, complete her companion quest, “Emergent Behavior.” When finished, raise her affinity by making choices she likes and engaging in helpful or selfless acts as well as combat against enemies.

Will Curie idolize me?

To gain Curie’s admiration and increase her affinity, it’s necessary to gain her approval through acts that she appreciates such as acts of kindness, selflessness and supporting scientific pursuits.

How can one do so quickly?

– By conducting acts she likes and loving.

To quickly increase Curie’s affinity, perform actions she will enjoy – such as acts of kindness, helping others, using peaceful solutions, or engaging in scientific pursuits. Furthermore, give her items such as stimpaks, RadAway and lab coats which she enjoys wearing.

Can You Romance Syn Curie?

Yes, you can romance Curie regardless of her physical form: robot or synth. Completing her companion quest and raising her affinity will enable the romance option.

Does she like the Minutemen?

Curie does not favor either faction in Fallout 4. Her focus lies more with scientific discovery and exploration. Which type is more suitable:

robot or synth?

Curie can be transformed into either a robot or synth, as long as her capabilities and interactions remain the same as before. As for romance in Fallout, transformation alone does not change her relationships significantly.

No, in Fallout 4, only one romantic relationship can exist at a time.

Can I Marry in Fallout 4?

Yes, Fallout 4 gives players the option to enter romantic relationships and eventually marry certain companions.

Can Piper Sleep With Anyone in Fallout 4?

Yes, if you have romantic feelings towards Piper, initiating romantic encounters can be initiated by selecting “Flirt” dialogue options when appropriate dialogue prompts appear.

How do I marry Cait in Fallout 4?

To marry Cait in Fallout 4, first establish a romantic relationship by raising her affinity. When this has been achieved, initiate dialogue option to propose marriage and find out whether you can truly fall in love in Fallout 4.

Yes, Fallout 4 features romance options which allow your character to establish romantic relationships with certain companions through dialogue choices, quest completion and affinity levels.

Are companions available for sleeping with in Fallout 4?

Yes, if you have entered into a romantic relationship with your companion, there are opportunities for romantic encounters which can be started through selecting suitable dialogue options.

What does Curie like and love?

Curie appreciates acts of kindness, peaceful solutions, and selfless behavior. Additionally, she values scientific pursuits, exploration, and helping others. Among Curie’s favorite items are stimpaks, RadAway(r) antimicrobial wipes and lab coats as well as certain food items.

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