Fallout 4 Cait

This is all about fallout 4 cait romance, Here we are sharing everything about cait fallout 4 romance quests, perks, likes, concept with companion guide.

If you are searching about this then this post will help you sure. Cait can be found in combat zone which is very near to the good neighbour. She is 26 years old. She is a optional companion who is cage fighter. She has affiliation in Tommy lonegan, combat zone and sole survivor.

She plays the role as salve which is formally but she can also do as a cage fighter. The physical traits of cait are described here.

We can see her hair in deep red colour, the eye colour is green and the hair style of cait is nuclear breezed. The approximate height of cait is 1. We can see her role in fallout 4. The quests related to the character are in combat zone benign intervention.

By the character of cait we can relate here behaviour as aggressive, confidence to foolhardy and assistance as helps allies. The technical style of cait can be described as human race and whereas the combat style is cs comp cait. We can get it using commands and cheats too.

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cait fallout 4

Fallout 4 cait

By reaching into the highest affinity cait will be helping you. By this we can have the chance to gain trigger rush. She has the ability to deal with the shotgun and triggering.

She worked as a case fighter in combat zone. Later sole of survivor recognized her and offers her. She is very potential. So you can get more points in these companions.

There will be generating 25% action points and also useful for 25% fast when your health is low. She likes lock picking, and allows chem usage.

This behaviour is seen until the companion is done. After that she does not like it. They is change in the behaviour of cait so she do not allowed any kind of behaviour from this stage.

You are looking to get about this with a normal person? are you done?” could have it even further. Oh. It was quite an performance from the position I was standing. I was watching you as you fucked high, or whatever it is that you are doing. I’m asking if you’re still in the fight.

Do you think you’re all sloppy and strung? is sure. It seems like you haven’t should be worried about that , but this incident has made us unprofitable. I’m not sure whether you should kiss me. I’ll let my bird ear feed to give you with your personal organs.

I asked you to stop calling me and telling me I’m sorry, but it seemed like you were in trouble , but no. The fact that you were able to keep them amused was the reason why the lights were on. We’re not quite sure what we’re going to do to get rid of their plight.

They’ll just require a short breath, and I’ll be ready to go, oh take a breath and smash more of that crap in your arms. Now. You know what I believe.

Fallout 4 Cait


Cait belongs to the Irish family where her parents were unpleasant. They used to beat her and yell her. Through this behaviour of parents caused to escape from the house but she cannot do that.

For this incident they had shed her outside the house. When she repeated this again they had broken his leg too. After that they had scolded her to the slaveries.

For 5 years she used to be in the slavery and entertainer them. After that she learnt all the tricks in trades. Then she started to deal as a cage fighter. After this she found here parents and kill them for their violet behaviour.

After this incident she becomes alone in the location. So she is found of friends to make life easy and freedom. But she could not find any. Thus she had addicted to alcohol and chems.

It was a blessing disguise. You saw the final of the fight. What do you think about Kate the work she did. I’ve seen better as you’ve seen it and even though she’s at arms and in close proximity, you’re a courageous person isn’t you? So here is my dilemma.

I suddenly had no audience and no audience which is a sign that I have no caps to be brought in. If you aren’t bringing in caps for your little bird, you aren’ not an asset. You’re at risk to me as well as to yourself, so here’s what I am thinking about. I would say to let you to take over her contract.

Fallout 4 cait Background

She has the habit of consumption of alcohol and chems to get out of the memories in the past. Then she joined the combat zone. The wonder who hired cait is Tommy lonegan. There they used to fight for the points. She hated everyone and herself for the most. Cait proved and beaten very hard.

Those who punched and robbed will be punished by her. Cait is lagging put of friends, as she is a victim and had waiting for preyed.

The teacher who is Stratton he used to beat here with raider. He is the one who dumped her. After this they both went out of relation and stop sex each other. Then she joined the sole of survivor and served as cage fighter. Under her management there are many victories.

She does not put the shotgun at her time. Because barrels are more than she prefer the trigger. She herself as a single got a name in sole of survivor.

She used to have no friends to make life free and easier. Sole of survivor visits combat zone for victory. After winning they interrupt the rest of the event. Once the defect is in then tummy and him used to discuss about the cait drug addicts and offers her to join their contract.

Cait is an independent Irish woman with a complex past, who initially appears in Fallout 4. Cait can be found working as a pit fighter at Boston’s Combat Zone location.

  • To gain Cait as a companion, the player must complete her quest called “Benign Intervention.” On this quest, you help Cait overcome her addiction to Psycho medications while finding specific items which will assist her with breaking free.
  • Once Cait is recruited, she can accompany the player throughout the Commonwealth and assist in combat. Specializing in close quarters fighting and melee weapons, Cait also boasts her unique ability ‘Trigger Rush,’ which increases attack speed and damage resistance when her health drops below certain thresholds.
  • Cait’s personal quest and interactions with the player provide opportunities for character growth and deeper comprehension of her backstory, while strengthening their bond can unlock additional perks related to her character.
  • Cait’s personality starts out rough and uninviting, but as her relationship with the player deepens she gradually displays more softer traits such as vulnerability and care. Throughout their interaction she expresses disdain for authority while seeking personal freedom; dialogue options and reactions reflect both this trait as well as her experiences dealing with addiction and hardship.

Overall, Cait is an engaging character in Fallout 4, providing unique perspectives and combat abilities to aid players during their journey in the wasteland.

Fallout 4 Cait romance

In this fallout 4 you need to romance with some characters and the companions to get the unlocked level to be opened. So romancing and sex is allowed in this game. There are some characters who love to flirt and romance with them. If you do it so they will be impressed and the affinities will be opened to you. So to do that you need to follow the romance guide.

This guide will let you know about the character likes and dislikes. By following them you can know about how to flirt. When the dislikes are done the Cait will not allow you to take the affinities. So if you need more and more points along with level you need to flirt with they number of times. However the behaviour of player will be know once they travel along with you in the game.

Fallout 4 cait romance

Cait can be romanced from the benign intervention quest. By having a personal chat with the character they can passing a check in charisma level. if they are likely to travel with you then there will be earn in points with which you can reach to higher levels easily.

Fallout 4 Cait likes

The below are things which impress Cait. So read out each and every point in detailed and know all the likes of Cait.

  • Killing ashes during here kitty.
  • Destroying railroad
  • Giving mama Murphy to stop using chems after completing the personal quest
  • Telling Travis not to be in coward in confidence man stage.
  • Telling more Cronin about baseball.
  • Stopping the institute.
  • Using chems before completing the personal quest.
  • Threats, violence, and being mean with others.
  • Killing Phyllis daily.
  • Accepting Dr Chambers offer in human error.
  • Betraying Bobbi during the climax in the big dip.
  • Choosing jack combat over Lorenz Cabot in secret of Cabot house.
  • Gaining entry into the covenant.

Fallout 4 cait affinity

Raising the affinity will be done by likely with the companions. So it is very important to be nice with the special companions. Each companion will be having different values. Each action and dialogue of companion will be varying with the player’s behaviour. By reaching the maximum affinity the companions will be unlocked.

The special perks will be revealed at this time. The affinity value will be remained secret and the statists will be not visible. Affinity can be developed by developing the personal connections. If particular action impresses one companions. Then the other may be displeasing for other. So this is based on the personal taste of each and every companion.

Fallout 4 cait affinity

Fallout 4 cait location

Cait was born in the year 2261. She belongs to Irish family. Where her parents were abusive. Then she decided to ran away from them but this did not happens. After that at the age of eighteen she was sold to slavery by her parents. For five years she used to live there and stole some of bottle caps. Once she got freedom she went to home and shot both mother and father.

They were died at the time. After some time she reached combat zone in Boston.  She is owned by Tommy. At this place she is a cage fighter.

Once sole of survivor arrives to combat in order to restrict the cait who is winning all the games. After sole of survivor defeat they had a discussing about cait and then he offers contract to her.

SPECIAL is the attribute given in the fallout 4. Each letter will be having different meaning. They can give with maximum number by which the game will be designed.

At each stage the attributes play very important role. So choosing those accruing to the companions is most important decision here. These are given by the players choose.

The player can contribute the marks according to their interested. But when you enter like blow format they will be easy to overcome from this stage easily.

Here are the special attributes of cait. If you choose according to them they will be helping in the game. So choose wise and play the game with more concentration.

  • Base special:
  • Intelligence-07
  • Charisma-07
  • Strength-05
  • Perception-10
  • Luck-07
  • Endurance-7
  • Agility-10

The derived stats of the players will be 185+ points and in the level 10 they will be having points is multiplied by 5.

Fallout 4 cait dislikes

The below are the list of things which are dislikes of cait. So try to avoid the things and be safe to the while playing the game.

  • Helping the institute.
  • Cannibalism
  • Helping the railroad
  • Telling Desdemona that sole survivor would risk their life for synths.
  • Bringing buddy to Rufus during trouble brewin.
  • Accepting glory help during the quest in memory interrupted.
  • Giving Sheffield Nuka cola.
  • Threatening AJ as the silver shroud.
  • Murdering non hostile targets.
  • Using chem after the personal quest.
  • Taking Billy home.
  • Saying that they support the freedom of press when they meet piper.
  • Agreeing to help Harvey to rescue their family.
  • Choosing improved eye acre as a parameter for phoropter prototype.
  • Saying “him i like him” while interview Clem.

Fallout 4 cait quest

There are different quests available at various locations in the fallout 4. The player needs to cross all the levels in order to achieve the highest level.  By passing into the quest the player will be getting some extra reward points.

By this reward points they can gain energy and health. By this the game will be survived for more points. Once the quests are higher then there is a higher chance of getting more points into your purse.  Some the quests listed in the fallout 4 are

  • Main quest
  • Faction quest
  • Secondary quest
  • Institute quest
  • Brotherhood of steel
  • Minutemen quest
  • Railroad
  • Miscellaneous quest
  • Unmarked quest
  • Companion quest
  • Settlement quest
  • Add on quest
  • Harbor quest
  • Vault tec workshop
  • Nuka world

By entering into the above quest there will be sub divided into categories. All those quests need to be resolved and the player needs to overcome.

By achieving the quests they need to solve the different problems. The player’s behaviour is understood here and the quest will be resolved easily.

How Can You Win Over Cait

In Fallout 4, the key to making Cait like you is taking actions that match her preferences. Cait favors substance abuse (using chems for instance), as well as taking an aggressive and selfish approach in general. You could even complete her personal quest, “Benign Intervention”, to further boost Cait’s liking of you!

Why do people like Cait in Fallout 4?

People appreciate Cait for various reasons in Fallout 4. Some players find her intriguing due to her turbulent history and personal quest that explores it; others enjoy her tough-talking, sarcastic personality as well as unique dialogue and interactions; still others find her useful due to her combat abilities, making her an essential partner during gameplay.

Are You Wondering If Cait Is a Good Companion in Fallout 4?

Cait can make for an excellent companion in Fallout 4, particularly if your playstyle favors more aggressive tactics and utilizes chemicals like Chems. She boasts high base health and can deal significant damage in battle. Unfortunately, her addiction to Chems may lead to withdrawal effects or cause negative interactions should she become dependent. Ultimately, whether Cait makes for an ideal companion depends on your playstyle and personal preferences.

Can Cait be romanced as a female in Fallout 4?

Unfortunately not. Although Cait can be romanced as part of her companion options, only male player characters have access to romance options with Cait.

Does Cait Support Minutemen in Fallout 4?

Cait holds neutral views towards the Minutemen faction in Fallout 4, since her personal quest and companion alliance are unrelated to them; however, how she responds will largely depend on your actions within the game.

What actions does Cait enjoy?

Cait favors activities involving substance abuse, particularly the use of chemical-based medications (chems). She especially admires when the player character breaks with authority by using these substances – taking part in activities such as theft, picking locks or fighting can increase her affinity.

Who Can You Marry in Fallout 4?

In Fallout 4, once you have reached a high level of affinity with certain companions, certain romantic options such as Piper, Preston Garvey, Curie, and Hancock become eligible to marry you – though Cait is unfortunately not among these available candidates for marriage.

Can You Marry Cait in Fallout 4?

Unfortunately not; although you may form romantic relationships with her as a male player character, Cait is not one of the available marriage options in Fallout 4. These include Piper, Preston Garvey, Curie and Hancock only.

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