Fallout 4 Silver Shroud

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Fallout 4 Silver Shroud

We can see the silver shroud is the good neighbour, hubris comics, Milton general hospital and National Guard training yard.

This quest will be given by Kent Connolly or silver shroud radio. We can come across the quest in side quest of fallout 4 for recruiting the Hancock as your companion. By entering into this quest we can get the reward points of 750 caps. So getting this quest is very important to get enough points.

Fallout 4 silver shroud

Silver shroud

If you want to choose the fun quest line then you need to listen to the radio. The radio is in the silver shroud radio station. This will be playing when you are in good neighbour. You need to listen to it and then head towards the memory den. We will see the red door to the right of the main hall. While you head inside it you will meet ghoul in it.

His name is Kent Connolly.  He is a big fan of hubris super hero.  He wanted to play this game. For which he needs help. He needs the silver shroud costume from hubis. Accept this request. Then the game will be started.

Getting of silver shroud costume

Where will the costume be located? The costume will be placed inside the Boston. So head towards the hubris comics. The place is full of feral ghouls. So you need to carry the shotgun and same Rad-X with you.

This will help in fighting with them. Aim to the interior of the building. While in the destruction you can find the costume there. Take out from the wall and wear it. This is a perception shield. This is used to attack harms from enemies.

silver shroud fallout 4

Detailed walkthrough

If you choose Kent Connolly in the memory den at good neighbour you need to listen to the silver shroud radio. Once you talk with Kent you will head to hubris to find the silver shroud costume as it will be on the top level.  After returning to the Kent you should wear the costume and do the good weed.  Leave the silver shroud hat and silver shroud armor just listen to the silver shroud radio station.

  • The first mission in this quest is to kill Wayne delancy. Kill him and drop the costume for the body. Once it is done the second mission is deal with AJ. He is a drug dealer. He will be supplying drugs to kids. So kill him. After killing call the card for the body. The next mission is dealing with Kendra. Travel to the third rail bar and talk with the white chapel Charlie. Convince him by telling where Kendra is.
  • Leave good neighbour and head towards south. You will see the water street apartments now. You can see Kendra in the second floor. Kill her and call for the card for the body. Loot her body in order to find out the contract Shelly tiller. You will have the option of killing Shelly and get 500 caps but most of the companions dislike it.
  • Now return to the good neighbour and listen to the radio. The fourth mission is given by Hancock. Leave good neighbour and kill smiling Kate. Here you will be having the option of leaving cards. After doing all these you can return the good neighbour and inside eh memory den. The Kents were taken by the raiders. This information will be informed through Irma. The final mission will be at Milton general hospital.
  • Here comes with two options. They are killing sinjin and the other is saving Kent. If you wish to upgrade the costume and need to be more powerful just save Kent. Because he is a nice guy. He is friendly with all. Thus you can save him.
  • Now you need to travel to the Milton general hospital. Head towards the ground floor. Now you can see sinjin and Kent. You will be having the option here either you choose sinjin or Kent. By choosing kill me first speech check. If you choose Kent you need to kill sinjin and vice versa. Kent will shot at sinjin head. So do not try to argue with him. At this point you are wearing the shroud costume then you will have to threaten as shroud. This will cause the sinjin men to scare and the attack will not be happening.

VATS and its usage

If you want to kill him quickly then choose the headshot.  All of them can be killed quickly by this headshot. This will be possible only if you have lower armor and unhealthy. If the case is not like that then the level will be very difficult. We can see the elevator at this point. Before it opens costume some JETS and MENTATS. Your high armed riffles will be used at this stage.

While entering into the room you can use the VATS.  By using VATS it will be easy for shooting. The aim of the enemies will be on head. VATS is the specialty of the Fallout 4. The players will be enjoying attacking on enemies.

By suing VATS the accuracy will be increased. So by reaching this level the VATS will be activated and you can enjoy shooting. Start with unnamed raiders and then at end you can shoot Sinjin too. All the enemies will be killed at this stage except sinjin.

Return to quest

If everything was done well .You see Kent is alive then go and talk with him. You can also return to the good neighbour.

Talking with the Hancock. If he is impressed with you get the 75 bottle caps. After talking with memory den he will be offering the upgrade for the silver shroud costume. This will not be done immediately. But this will be done in the next stages like 25, 35 and 45.

By following all these quest will be completed. The quest will be starting at stage 25 and will be ending at the stage 9000. So in between all the stages you need to be very careful and complete the entire quest.

Are you able to upgrade your Silver Shroud armor?

To unlock upgrades, the player needs be able to finish The Silver Shroud and ensure Kent remains alive. Then, he will improve the armor as the player moves to (the initial armor is set to level 15, and upgrade upgrades will be accessible at the levels of 25 35, 35, as well as 45).

How do I enter this Silver Shroud?

It is among the quests that are required to recruit Hancock as a friend. It is possible to pick this quest through listening to the Silver Shroud radio or conversing with Kent Connolly in the Memory Den at Goodneighbor. After you’ve spoken to Kent then head over towards Hubris Comics to find the Silver Shroud costume.

Where is Kent going to be after the Silver Shroud?

Sometimes Kent finds himself stuck in Milton General Hospital after finishing the quest The Silver Shroud. It is possible to fix this by with the console command 228ac. moveto 228a6

And move the user towards Irma at Goodneighbor. Alternately, you can push him to the first elevator , and the elevator will then take him towards Goodneighbor.

The Silver Shroud is an iconic superhero in Fallout 4, inspired by classic radio dramas and comic books of pre-war America. His persona draws upon these sources.

Fallout 4 gives players the ability to don a Silver Shroud costume and assume their role as the titular figure through an expansive questline known as “The Silver Shroud.” This begins when listening to the radio station dedicated to the Silver Shroud and receiving distress calls from Kent Connolly – an avid supporter of this figure who calls out for help when his appearance becomes necessary.

The questline involves the player taking on the identity of Silver Shroud, an elite vigilante dedicated to justice in Boston – otherwise known as “the Commonwealth”. They embark on various missions while adopting his or her identity and facing off against various enemies and challenges along their way.

Should I Join the Silver Shroud in Fallout 4?

Joining the Silver Shroud questline in Fallout 4 is entirely up to you and is certainly enjoyable if role playing and dialogue options appeal to you; ultimately it depends on your personal preferences and playstyle.

What can you do with the Silver Shroud Costume in Fallout 4?

Once you acquire the Silver Shroud costume, it can serve two functions: as an outfit and/or display item in your settlement. Although the costume does not provide substantial armor protection, it can make for an engaging cosmetic option if you want to embody their persona.

How Can I Achieve Silver Shroud Status in Fallout 4?

In order to secure the Silver Shroud costume in Fallout 4, players need to complete “The Silver Shroud.” Beginning in Goodneighbor, Kent Connolly will instruct players in several missions leading up to becoming The Silver Shroud himself.

What are my options when it comes to armor in Fallout 4?

Finding the ideal Fallout 4 armor depends entirely on personal taste and playstyle; however, some popular sets include Power Armor sets such as X-01 and T-60, ballistic weave-upgraded clothing from Railroad faction, as well as legendary pieces with powerful effects.

Should I Keep the Silver Shroud Costume in Fallout 4?

That decision lies solely with you. If its aesthetic appeal appeals, or you wish to keep it as a collectible, feel free to store or display it; but keep in mind there may be better solutions available in terms of practicality and armor protection.

What are the most valuable items in Fallout 4?

Items’ values in Fallout 4 vary based on factors like rarity, usefulness and demand; valuable items in particular might include weapons like unique firearms or rare power armor sets as well as junk such as gold bars. Furthermore, their specific worth depends on your character’s skills and perks as well.

Why won’t Kent upgrade my Silver Shroud costume in Fallout 4?

If Kent Connolly won’t upgrade it for you in Fallout 4, it may be due to a bug in the game. Reload a previous save or restarting will hopefully resolve the problem, however if that does not do the trick then modding communities or official support channels may need to assist with solving it.

Does Fallout 4’s Silver Shroud Armor Offer Adequate Protection?

Unfortunately, Fallout 4’s Silver Shroud armor doesn’t provide much in terms of physical protection – offering only minimal ballistic and energy resistance as well as no modding options – though when worn it has its own voice lines and dialogue options for an additional role-playing element to the game.

Are You Playing as the Silver Shroud in Fallout 4?

Yes, during the “Mechanical Menace” questline you have the option to dress as and use the persona of the Silver Shroud when dealing with Mechanists.

Where can I obtain the Silver Shroud gun (Silver Submachine Gun)?

You can acquire this special weapon as part of The Silver Shroud questline, when completing its main quest “The Silver Shroud.” As soon as the mission ends, you will receive this unique piece bearing the Silver Shroud emblem as your reward!


On their quest, players encounter unique dialogue options and interactions with NPCs as they adopt the voice and personality of Silver Shroud – these interactions often taking on dramatic overtones reminiscent of old radio dramas.

Complete the questline and assume the role of the Silver Shroud for a unique set of abilities and bonuses. Wearing this costume provides increased damage resistance as well as charisma bonuses that enhance combat effectiveness and social interactions while wearing it.

The Silver Shroud questline provides a delightful and nostalgic diversion from Fallout 4, inviting players into an intriguing world of classic superheroes for an exciting journey within the game.

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