Best Fallout 4 Melee Build Guide

You might be looking for Best Fallout 4 Melee Build guide then sure this is best tutorial for you. You know that creating Melee build in Fallout 4 has so much fun associated with it. After share a best tutorial on How To Mod Fallout 4 and also Old Guns Quest now we are talking about this.

In order to cross level 20 in Fallout 4 game, you need to have an Armorer and a Blacksmith with you. With the levels going up, the game gets tougher and you will need to confront with most dangerous builds. You need to have good weaponry at hand and also a great armor to protect yourself from getting killed.

There is a need to use great perks like Blacksmith, Demolition Expert, Blitz etc in order to sustain in the game till the end. If you want to know detailed about Fallout 4 Melee build, you have landed in the right page. We are here today to talk about Fallout 4 Melee build on a detailed note.

Fallout 4 Melee Build

Melee builds are useful even when you reach higher levels of difficulty in Fallout 4 game. In order to make best use of the melee build, you need to first have proper perks at hand. We are now going to tell you the best perks that make melee build quite stronger, durable and useful.

Before that, you need to learn about the special stat priority order. The order is strength, agility, endurance, luck, charisma, intelligence and perception. The agility is there to unlock the perks and to take the benefit of VATS. For the hard work you have put, you will be granted greatly by grim reaper’s sprint. Idiot savant is no less than a great perk though.

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Fallout 4 Melee Build

Perks for a Melee Build

We have listed out the perks in order of use. Get through them.

Big Leagues

It is one of the most important perk in the melee build and it is a mandatory one to have all the time it was made available. It has the possibility of getting upgrades at 7, 15, 27 and 42. This perk will help you improve faster than your enemy and the damage caused by him. You can react appropriately before they come to harm you.

melee build fallout 4


Blitz will let you commence VATS. It will allow you to have an upper hand than your opponent along with enhancing the volume of damage depending on the distance. With this perk at hand, players can easily teleport between the enemies.


Rooted is a wonderful perk for melee build. When one will stop, rooted perk will immediately offers +50 damage resistance and +50% Melee damage. Even though you are moving, it works with VATS.


Blacksmith perk comes to use when you want powerful weapons to fight with dangerous enemies. It will let you upgrade melee weapons for free. You will be given added bonuses when a part of the weapon is upgraded.


Obviously, the highly significant perk ever is Armorer. Without it, it is impossible to win the battle in the game with toughest enemies. If you want to stay in the battle, Armorer will be your companion till the end. You can make your attacks more powerful at the times when you want to flaunt a light armor and roam around.

Melee Build Weaponry

Furious Power Fist

You will get Furious power fist from a swan named Behemoth. It adds damages to each attack and by number it could be around 40. These weapons are literally absurd.

Deathclaw Gauntlet

It is another weapon of melee build that you can grab from the Withcraft Museum. You need to kill Deathclaw and get the Pristine Deathclaw Egg and place it in the nest where it belongs to, which grants you the weapon.

Grognak’s Axe

Grognak’s Axe is found in Hubris Comics. If you strike someone, the weapon gets stagger and the damage will be quite high.

Kremvh’s Tooth

You can find Kremvh’s Tooth in Dunwich Borers. You will enjoy the quest for this weapon for sure. The quest will be pretty fun and exciting. It is nothing but a sacrifical blade that handles damage of bleed and poison.

Furious Machete

In order to get Furious Machete, you need to conk out the Kremvh’s Tooth which adds the sacrifical blade mod to your inventory that grants you the bleed and poison damage. Though it is not possible to upgrade the Furious Machete beyond serrated blade, you can append the mod to ANY LEGENDARY MACHETE from Kremvh’s Tooth.

One of the best things of melee weapon armor with regard to damage is undoubtedly Grognak’s Costume. The one thing that you can never do with this super costume is that, you cannot upgrade it.

Melee combat in Fallout 4 plays an essential role for players who prefer close quarters combat or stealthy approaches, offering some tips and strategies to maximize melee combat:

Select a Melee Weapon: There is an abundance of melee weapons in the game, from knives and swords to sledgehammers and makeshift weapons. Experiment with different types and find one that best fits your playstyle – some weapons may even be modified for greater damage output, reach or special abilities!

Strength is key for melee combat as it increases your melee damage output. Consider allocating perk points towards Strength as part of an investment strategy and adding melee-specific bonuses like:

Iron Fist increases unarmed and melee damage. Big Leagues boosts two-handed melee weapon damage. Blitz allows teleportation during V.A.T.S and performing melee attacks from distance, whilst Rooted grants damage resistance as well as increased damage while standing still.
Ninja: Increase sneak attack damage for melee attacks. V.A.T.S: The Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System (V.A.T.S) can be an extremely useful weapon during melee combat, enabling you to target specific body parts of enemies for critical hits and disabling opponents quickly. When in V.A.T.S, multiple attacks can be queued quickly against multiple enemies simultaneously.

Sneak Attacks: For an alternative strategy, utilize the Sneak skill and sneak attack bonuses. Sneak up unnoticed on enemies before performing melee attacks from behind to deal massive damage – the Ninja perk amplifies sneak attack damage significantly!

Power Armor and Melee: Wearing power armor can enhance your melee capabilities by offering increased strength, damage resistance, and targeted melee attacks. When faced with challenging encounters or when unleashing devastating melee attacks, using Power Armor may prove invaluable.

Companion Support: When engaging in melee combat, having a companion by your side can be invaluable. They can distract enemies, engage in combat themselves and offer invaluable support – be it Strong or Cait who offer unique capabilities that complement your playstyle perfectly.

Use Cover and Evasion: Melee combat can be dangerous when pitted against enemies equipped with ranged weapons. Cover is vital in mitigating damage from direct shots; consider investing in perks which increase damage resistance while increasing chances of dodging attacks.

Utilize Weapon Mods and Chems: Take advantage of weapon modifications to enhance the stats of your melee weapon, such as adding bleeding or poison damage. In addition, Psycho or Buffout chems can temporarily increase both damage and resistance against melee attacks to provide you with an edge during combat.

Remember to save your game regularly, as melee combat can be unpredictable and intense. Use timing, positioning, and environment advantage in melee encounters for maximum effectiveness – best wishes on surviving the wasteland!

Fallout 4’s melee combat can differ depending on your playstyle and build, and here are the answers to any queries:

Are melee attacks beneficial in Fallout 4?

Melee combat can be highly effective in Fallout 4, particularly with the right perks and weapon upgrades. This style of fighting conserves ammunition while dealing significant damage during close quarters combat – though this does require getting up close and personal with enemies, which may prove dangerous at times.

Which melee weapon in Fallout 4 is most powerful?

Fallout 4’s most overpowered (OP) melee weapons may differ depending on your personal taste and playstyle; however, three popular choices among players for powerful melee weapons include the Super Sledge, Grognak’s Axe and Disciples Blade from Nuka-World DLC.

How can I use melee in Fallout 4?

To perform melee attacks in Fallout 4, equip one from your inventory. Pressing the appropriate key (depending on your platform) will initiate melee attacks when enemies come within range.

What button represents melee in Fallout 4?

On PC, the default key for melee attacks is the “Left Alt” key; on consoles it varies by platform (e.g. RB on Xbox and R1 on PlayStation).

Is melee or unarmed combat better in Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 makes a distinction between melee and unarmed combat based on personal preference and playstyle. Melee weapons tend to provide higher damage potential with wider selection of weapon choices; unarmed combat offers unique advantages like disarmament or bypassing certain enemy resistances.

Are melee weapons superior to firearms?

Melee or guns? Which will work better depends on a number of factors, including your build, playstyle and situation. While guns provide advantages of range and versatility, melee may save ammunition while providing high damage at close quarters – the choice between the two ultimately lies with individual preference.

Are Unarmed Weapons Worth the Investment in Fallout 4?

Unarmed combat in Fallout 4 can be enjoyable if you choose the appropriate playstyle and invest in the appropriate perks. Unarmed attacks can bypass enemy resistances while certain perks increase damage output from these unarmed strikes, providing a novel and satisfying method for engaging in battle.

What is the weakest melee weapon available to me in Fallout 4?

Fallout 4’s weakest melee weapon is typically considered to be Knuckles due to their relatively low damage output in comparison with other melee weapons available.

What are Fallout 4’s deadliest melee weapons?

Fallout 4’s most lethal melee weapon can vary depending on individual preference and playstyle; options that have proven their power include the super sledge, deathclaw gauntlet, and legendary “Kremvh’s Tooth” machete. So which

weapon makes an efficient impactful statement about its player base?

Fallout 4’s most efficient weapon can depend on your playstyle and situation, but there are many powerful options that could suit you like legendary weapons with unique effects, high-damage energy weapons or modded rifles. Experimentation is key when finding something suitable to suit your style as the best way to determine efficiency.

What is the strongest melee weapon ever created?

The ideal melee weapon depends on both personal preferences and game play; some iconic and powerful examples from Fallout include Super Sledges, Shishkebabs and Power Fists as melee weapons that make an impression in combat situations.

So who reigns supreme among melee weapons?

In the Fallout universe, the Super Sledge is often considered the “king” of melee weapons due to its high damage output and iconic design. You’ll find this iconic weapon used across various Fallout titles including Fallout 4. But

what constitutes a true melee weapon?

Fallout 4 features several true melee weapons designed specifically for close quarters combat, without ranged attacks or projectiles. Examples of true melee weapons in Fallout 4 include knives, machetes, swords, and fists – as examples of true melee weapons.

What is the ideal melee weapon for heavy builds?

Heavy builds should consider choosing either the Super Sledge or Grognak’s Axe as their melee weapons of choice, as these have high damage potential and work particularly well against characters with strong Strength ratings and melee-focused perks.

What armor works well against melee users?

Ultimately, choosing an armor suitable for melee users comes down to personal preference and build. While power armor is often considered ideal due to its increased strength, damage resistance, and customizable mods that enhance melee abilities; heavy combat armor sets or legendary armors with specific melee bonuses may also prove effective.

What is a melee build in Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 melee builds are character builds aimed at using melee weapons and close quarters combat as their primary means of dealing damage. A melee build often invests in perks, attributes and equipment designed to increase melee damage output while increasing survivability in close combat and improving overall effectiveness with melee weapons.

Are melee weapons available in Fallout 4?

Yes, Fallout 4 features various melee weapons such as knives, swords, machetes, sledgehammers and bats – including unarmed attacks like punches and kicks – available for use as melee weapons. These items can be found scattered throughout the game world or looted from enemies or purchased from vendors.

Are You Wondering If Big Jim Is a Melee Weapon In Fallout 4?

Yes, Big Jim is an impressive melee weapon in Fallout 4. Essentially a modified pipe wrench with special effects designed to cripple its targets’ legs upon hitting successfully, Big Jim can be acquired either by completing quests or simply finding it in certain locations.

Do you find close combat underrated in Fallout 4?

Close combat in Fallout 4 may vary according to individual players’ tastes and circumstances. Ranged weapons offer advantages like safety and engagement from a distance; melee weapons bring their own set of advantages that make close-combat more advantageous, including dealing high damage while conserving ammunition and providing an intimate combat experience.

It ultimately depends on an individual player’s preferences as well as specific conditions present within the game itself whether close combat should be considered underrated.

Which melee skin in Fallout 4 should I choose?

Fallout 4 does not yet offer official “skins” for melee weapons like other games do; however, mods created by the community provide new visual appearances for melee weapons. Deciding upon which skin would best fit an individual would depend entirely on individual preferences and personal taste.

Which special is ideal for melee builds?

Fallout 4 melee builds often prioritize Strength for increased melee damage, Endurance for increased survivability, Agility to increase action points (AP), Luck for critical hits and Intelligence as means to acquire necessary perks.
Please be aware that some answers can be subjective depending on personal tastes and playstyle.


These are the most important weapons and characters associated with Fallout 4 Melee Build. You need to make use of all the characters and powerful weapons of Melee build to get through the levels easily. Hope you got to know the info that you have been searching for in this article.

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