100+ Best Fallout 4 Console Commands PC Platform

When it comes to gaming, then lots of video games are there in the market but one cannot ignore the craze of Fallout series. Same like that all Fallout 4 Console commands PC also very popular that why most of guys looks for fallout 4 cheats PC,

Gamers find the game more than interesting as it is full of fantastic action, game-play and graphics. If you are a gaming guy then atleast knows the name of the Fallout games. This is the action-based video game for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

It is developed and released by the Bethesda Game Studios. The y developers added the interesting elements to this game. Fallout is actually based on the theme of the world post-apocalypse environment.

100+ Best Fallout 4 Commands for PC Platform

The gameplay is set into the city of Boston and ‘The Commonwealth’, area of neighboring Massachusetts. It is a role-playing model game which has its origin on DOS platform. It is published under the label of Interplay Entertainment.

The series is influenced by the culture of post-war between the 22nd and 23rd centuries. Fallout runs smoothly on almost all platforms as its designers released all of its versions. The company Bethesda holds the license rights and multiplayer console of the game.

Fallout 4 Console commands

The first two series Fallout and Fallout 2 was published in the 2000. While Fallout 3, the main action-play part arrived in the 2004. It received high appreciation from the users. The most recent version Fallout 4 released on November 10, 2015.

The game upcoming version Fallout: Wasteland Warfare is also announced which is scheduled to release in March 2018. The announcement is made by the Modiphius Entertainment in April 2017. The fans are quite excited for its new version as they looking to know the new features which are being added to it.

As of now, we come back to the Fallout 4 and look the console command fallout 4. You will find the cheat codes and console debugging here for the PC, Xbox one and PlayStation version. Let’s check the Fallout 4 search console commands for PC here in this post.

How to use the Console Commands?

It is very necessary to now before that how to apply the cheat and console commands in the Fallout 4 game. Well, it is very simple to use it and type the ID code. You have to press the ~ key during gameplay.

Then it will ask you to enter the console command which you want to apply during the gameplay. The full list of the fallout 4 console commands items or fallout 4 console codes are given here and also the item codes or fallout 4 cheats PC given for the all unlocks.

How to Activate the Fallout 4 Commands?

You can activate the commands easily after giving item code id instructions. Using the tilde key will help you to overcome the situation and then press the “1” button in your keyboard. You can also press the apostrophe key instead if previous one does not works.

Then in the lower half screens you have input the console commands. You can use the instant kill enemies; enable fallout 4 god mode and various inventory items. We want to remind you that these fallout 4 command console or fallout 4 command codes are game-breaking so use them carefully in your PC.

Fallout 4 cheats

Fallout 4 Cheats

There are few options and multiple fallout 4 cheat codes in the game. Some of console commands fallout 4 are mentioned below:

Debugging and Mapping:

You can use the command for the purpose to search for item ID and park names. Using the up and down keys in console command will help you out in this case.


This is yet another command in the gameplay which allow your player the power and health will not reach to the zero level. But it is resisted to the radiation attack in the game. This is also most using fallout 4 console cheats or fallout 4 pc commands.


This is top in my favorite fallout 4 commands.You can enjoy some addition great powers with the help of the God Mode. It will allow you to breathe underwater and even no damage from the radiation.

The Fallout 4 runs very fine on the Windows version. The console is a debugging tool for the Windows users. It helps them to easily unlock all the features and key elements of the game using cheat codes. There are some special commands for the PC version which performs at the point of the game.

If you are trying to complete everything then you must go through these fallout 4 experience console command or cheat codes of the game. As people asking us to fallout 4 give item then lets we are sharing whole like fallout 4 resource codes with fallout 4 remove power armor, fallout 4 aluminum code and others. They first command of our list is given below. Let’s check it fallout 4 add experience or all fallout 4 experience command.

addItem <base id>:

This is the command in the game for the purpose to use and add the players kit with help of base id. Its default value is one and can be used whether in uppercase or lowercase (it is not case-sensitive). Once you applied the item to your player kit, you cannot go back to remove this command as it will crash your game. So, use it carefully when needed.

CompleteAllObjectives <QuestID>:

As its already indicates, it used to complete the all objectives in the game quest. You can add the different objects to you store with different manipulations. You can find the base id in the game when fumbling.

Complete Quest:

You can complete the quest easily using this command. It will be as simple like eating a pie. The command is the little cheat trick which works fine in the game.


With the help of this command you can move the past sections of quests which aren’t quite. It will move the log which you want to perform at the point.

removeAllItems <refi_id>:

This will actually remove all the items which are present in your elementary player’s side. You can make the specific selection to remove the items which you don’t like to add. The value of the base id is infinite but in few fallout 4 resource codes it is bounded to 999.

The command can also be used to target the people as well as containers. But keep one thing in mind that when you remove the items then it will reduce your rank. It will affect ranking at some level after removing some items. You have to use the reference id and then leave the left space blank if desired.

You can also add some modifications in your game using add legendary modifiers. The condition should be satisfied as the weapon has more than one legendary stats.

We are mentioning the general cheat and console commands of the Fallout series 4 game. It will help to full unlock the interesting features and enjoy the game at next level. It is a debug tool which available for the final product.

The Fallout 4 search console command for PC must be used carefully because it will hasty to the breakthrough of the game which you obviously do not want. There are many commands like old guns and others. You can enjoy when you will use Fallout 4 Console commands.

Command and its Effect

Command and its Effect

player.setlevel [level]  Advance to the indicated experience level
 player.placeatme [object code]  Spawn an item or NPC nearby.
 player.additem [item code] [#]  This will add an item to your inventory
 Tfc  Kill selected target
 KillAll  Kill all NPCs in immediate area.
 tmm 1  Show all markers on map.
 Tcl  Turn NoClip mode on and of or fallout 4 noclip command
 Tai  The code toggles all NPC AI on / off
 Tcai  Toggle NPC combat AI on / off
 Tgm  Enables God Mode which will give infinite health ammo and AP

Item Console Command:

The below mentioned fallout 4 item id codes or fallout 4 id codes and commands for the item console in the game. Let’s check them out here below.

 Item and their ID  (#)
 Camera 00059A83
 Circuitry  0006907B
 Springs  00069082
 Large Baby Bottle  001A899B
 Military Grade Circuit Board  00154AD2
 Nuclear Material  00069086
 Toy Alien  00059B2B
 Aluminium  0006907A
Fallout 4 screw id  00069081
 Duct Tape  0004D1F2
 Fibre Optics  00069087
 Nuka-Cola Quantum  0004835F
 Fusion Core  0004835F
 Ceramics  000AEC5E
 Bottlecap  0000000F
 Stimpak  00023736
 Rad Away  00023742

Bobblehead Item Codes

The commands and codes for the Bobblehead 

fallout 4 commands and codes for the Bobblehead 








 Commands Codes for the Bobblehead
 Unarmed Bobblehead  00178b64
 Speech Bobblehead  00178b62
 Sneak Bobblehead  00178b61
 Small Guns  00178b60
 Science Bobblehead  00178b5F
 Repair Bobblehead  00178b5e
 Melee Bobblehead  00178b5c
 Medicine Bobblehead  00178b5b
 Lock Picking Bobblehead  00178b59
 Explosive  00178b57
 Energy Weapons Bobblehead  00178b56
 Big Guns Bobblehead  00178b53
 Barter Bobblehead  00178b52
 Luck Bobblehead  00178b5a
 Agility Bobblehead  00178b51″
 Intelligence Bobblehead  00178b58
 Charisma Bobblehead  00178b54
 Endurance Bobblehead  00178b55
 Strength Bobblehead  00178b63
 Perception Bobblehead  00178B5D

Above shared all are most liked console commands fallout 4, You will enjoy it lets get more like fallout 4 delete command.

Books Item Code:

If you are looking for the book items console commands and cheats of Fallout 4 then they are all here.

Companions Item Code Command:

fallout 4 Companions Item Code Command









Books Item Code  Item ID
 You’re Special!  001a62d4
 Red Menace  000e5082
 Zeta Invaders  00072803
 Atomic Command  0006167b
 Grognak & The Ruby Ruins  000727fa
 Strong – Beserk  00084290
 X6-88 – Shield Harmonics  000842a0
 Preston Garvey – United We Stand  0084298
 Robert MacCready – Killshot  00178d50
 Pipe – Gift of Gab  00178d54
 Paladin Danse – Know Your Enemy  008428d
 Nick Valentine – Close to Metal  001e67bd
John Hancock – Isodoped  00178d57
 Deacon – Cloak & Dagger  0008530e

Companion perks and Item Code Id

fallout 4 Companion perks and Item Code Id









Companion perks  Item ID
Cait – Trigger Rush 001f4187
Curie – Combat Medic 001e67bc
Codsworth – Robot Sympathy 001eb99b
X6-88 000e210a

Companion Perks Item Code

     Companion Perks  Item ID
Strong 0003f2bb
Piper 00002f1f
Nick Valentine 00002f25
Preston Garvey 0001a4d7
Paladin Danse 0005de4d
John Hancock 00022615
 Robert MacCready  0002a8a7

fallout 4 Companion Perks Item Code

Mini Game Pip-Boy Tapes Item Code Command:

MINI GAME PIP-BOY tapes item code and item ID

Curie 00102249

Dogmeat 0001d162

Pipfall 00072802

Cait 00079305

Codsworth 0001ca7d

Legendary/Unique Weapon Item Code:


 No.  Unique Weapon     Codes
1. Railroad Spikes ff002979
 2. Cryo Cell 0018ABE2
 3. Missiles ff003983
4. Plasma Cartridge ff00366b
 5. Gamma Rounds ff002843
 6. Mini-Nuke 000E6B2E
 7.  Flamer Fuel ff0015fd
 8.  Fusion Cell ff001e8a
 9.  .44 Rounds ff002685
 10.  Cannonball ff0027cf
 11.  Fallout 4 alien blaster ammo or Alien Blaster Ammo ff002339
 12.  .308 Rounds ff00272d
 13.  5mm Rounds 0001F66C

AMMO Item Code Command:

Here are fallout 4 ammo codes

    AMMO  Item ID
X-01 Power Armor Left Arm 00154ac3
X-01 Power Armor Left Leg 00154ac6
X-01 Power Armor Right Leg 00154ac7
X-01 Power Armor Helm 00154ac5
X-01 Power Armor Chest 00154ac4
 Robert MacCready  0002a8a7

Weapon Item Codes and ID

    Weapon  Item ID
Flamer  ff002e24
Missile Launcher ff0031dc
Syringer Rifle 14d09e

Weapon Item Codes Command:

    Weapon  Item ID
Minigun  0001F669
Fat Man Mini-Nuke Launcher 000BD56F
Gatling Laser ff002e1f
Gauss Rifle ff0036d3
Kellogg’s Outfit ff000df8
Minutemen General’s Uniform ff001cd6

Armour Item Code:

fallout 4 Armour Item Code

 No Armour Item Code
1. Minutemen General’s Hat ff001ebc
 2.  Quinlan’s Armor  ff00281b
 3.  Colonial Duster  ff003687
4.  Hazmat Suit  ff001f66
 5.  Grognak Costume  ff0036c9
 6.  Vault 111 Jumpsuit  ff001e77
 7.  Vault 114 Jumpsuit  Jumpsuit ff00396f
 8.  Vault 81 Jumpsuit  ff002b82
 9.  Vault 101 Jumpsuit ff001bad
 10.  Ripper  ff0031b5
 11.  Combat Shotgun  ff00268c
 12.  Walking Cane  ff001e22
 13.  Railway Rifle  ff0026ce
 14.  Power Fist  ff0017f0
 15.  Revolutionary Sword  ff0019f9
 16.  Submachine Gun  ff0031b5
 17.  T-60 Power Armor Right Arm  00140c45
 18.  T-60 Power Armor Chest  00140c42
 19.  T-60 Power Armor Right Leg  00140c3f
 20.  T-60 Power Armor Left Leg  00140c49
 21.  T-60 Power Armor Left Arm  00140c3d
 22.  T-60 Power Armor Helm  00140c4a
 23.  T-45 Power Armor Chest  00154ac2
 24.  T-45 Power Armor Right Leg  00154ac1
 25.  T-45 Power Armor Right Arm  00154abe
 26.  T-45 Power Armor Left Leg 00154ac0
 27.  T-45 Power Armor Left Arm  00154abd
 28.  T-45 Power Armor Helm  00154abf
 29.  Shem Drowne’s Sword  238734
 30.  Chinese Officer Sword  147be4
 31.  Revolutionary Sword  143ab5
 32.  Experiment 18-A  ff001795
 33. Fallout 4 cryolator ammo  00171B2B
 34.  Broadsider  ff0036c9
 35.  Zeta Gun  ff001dec
 36.  Alien Blaster Pistol  ff0010ea
 37.  2076 World Series Baseball Bat  ff003687
 38.  Suppressed Deliverer Pistol  ff001a23
 39.  Shishkebab  ff001532
 40.  Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun  ff001a74
 41.  Shem Drowne Sword  ff00364a
 42.  Kremvh’s Tooth  00225b5e
 43.  Institute Beacon   174f8f
 44.  Broadsider  fd11b
 45.  Grognak’s Axe  ff002c79
 46.  Homing Beacon  65dec
 47.  Junk Jet  e942b
 48.  Hallucigen Gas Grenade  e98e5
 49.  Deathclaw Gauntlets  d8576
 50.  Power Fist  11b336

These are the fallout 4 pc console commands or cheat codes for the PC but they seem to work fine for the Xbox one too. You can try these commands on the various version platforms to enjoy the Fallout game at next level. But be careful because using excessive commands and codes in the gaming may damage the gameplay and its exciting elements.

Fallout 4 is an immensely popular open world role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios that allows players to use console commands to modify various aspects of the game. Here are some commonly used console commands in Fallout 4:

Press the Tilde Key () to Open the Console

Player-related Commands:

  1. Toggle God Mode (invincibility). Tick Noclip Mode to allow walking through walls.
  2. Add items to your inventory by using these commands: player.additem [item code] [quantity].
    player.setav [attribute][value]. For instance, using “player.setav carryweight 1000” increases carrying capacity by 1,000.
  3. Add an item to your inventory with [ItemCode, Quantity]. Similarly, remove an item with [ItemCode, Quantity]. Finally, equip any of these items from your inventory or showinventory as NPC Manipulation Commands:
  4. Kill: To kill the selected NPC. Resurrect: Revive them after being killed by kill/resurrect/tai. tai:
  5. To toggle AI for an NPC (freeze/unfreeze them). TCAI: Toggling Combat AI of an NPC and Teleportation Commands: These features help manage NPC behavior in combat scenarios and facilitate combat AI changes as desired by players.
  6. Coc [location ID]: Teleport to a specific location (for instance, “coc Sanctuary Hillsext”) or player.moveto [reference ID]. Time and Weather Commands:
  7. Set Timescale to [value]: To adjust the game’s time scale (default value of 16).
  8. Weather ID 00100e34 allows clear skies. Miscellaneous Commands:
  9. ShowRaceMenu: Opens the Character Customization menu.
  10. Adjust the game’s mouse sensitivity settings.
  11. Fov [value]: Adjust the field of view. Please be aware that using console commands could potentially break your game or lead to
  12. unexpected results; for this reason it is always advisable to back up your progress before using these console commands and be wary when experimenting with them.
  1. Fallout 4 Item Codes?
    • To locate item codes for Fallout 4, you can browse the internet for sites which provide a comprehensive list of codes for each item. These lists contain codes for armor, weapons consumables, crafting supplies, consumables and much many more.
  2. Fallout 4 Console Commands PDF?
    • As an AI model that is based on text I do not have access directly to PDF documents. However, you can look on the internet to find Fallout 4 console commands PDFs. A lot of community-created guides and other resources offer PDF downloads, which include comprehensive list of console commands and their uses.
  3. Fallout 4 Console Commands to Add Items?
    • In order to add new items in your inventory with command-line commands within Fallout 4, you can make use of this command player.additem [item's code [quantity[quantity]. You can replace [item code[item code with the code for the item that you would like to add, and [quantity[quantity] with the amount you want to add.
  4. Fallout 4 Console Commands for Perks?
    • To add a certain benefit to the character with console commands, utilize the following command player.addperk [perk's code[perk code]. Change [perk code[perk code] with the code of the perk you wish to add.
  5. Fallout 4 Console Command for Carry Weight?
    • To change the weight of your carry by using console commands, utilize the following command player.modav the weight of your carryweight (amount[amount]. Replace [amountthe value of [amount] with the desired amount for your weight.
  6. Fallout 4 Console Command to Level Up?
    • To upgrade your character’s abilities by using console commands, make use of the command: player.advlevel. This command immediately advances your character to the next level.
  7. Fallout 4 Console Command for SPECIAL Attributes?
    • To alter your SPECIAL attributes with console commands, utilize the following command player.setav [SPECIAL attribute [value[value]. You can replace [SPECIAL attribute[SPECIAL attribute] with the attribute you’d like to change (e.g. Perception, Strength, etc. ) and [value[value] by the value you want for the attribute.
  8. Fallout 4 Console Commands on PS4?
    • The console commands aren’t compatible with PlayStation 4 versions of Fallout 4. PS4 Version of Fallout 4. Console commands are available on players playing the PC version, and in a limited way also, for an Xbox One version.


The Fallout 4 console commands for Xbox one will be the same as for the PC. There are the few commands or fallout console commands which are dangerous for the health of your game like kill All, God Mode and Fly Kid. We will suggest you to use such commands in a limited way. We hope that you will enjoy the game using the above Fallout 4 search console commands in your gaming platform.

Hope you will enjoy these 100+ Best fallout 4 PC cheats and fo4 console commands, Please don’t forget to share your valuable suggestion or queries if having any. For more about game like Fallout 4 Melee and Wallpaper keep read this site.

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