Fallout 4 Quests

After read brotherhood of steel fallout 4 quests article you can get much info about fallout 4 brotherhood of steel quests, It will help you in gaming. You know that in this game the quest will be dividing into two types. One is main quest and the other is optional quest. The entire quests which will be appearing in the game are listed out below.

This will help to know about each quest and the reaction to do in the game. Main quest: in this quest we will come across many stages at each location. By chasing followed by attacking all the levels will be cleared. The below are the quest list in main quest.

Fallout 4 Quests

Fallout 4 Quests

Out of time: this is found in the locations like vault 111, sanctuary hills and concord. At this point you need to search for the Shaun.

When freedom calls: it is found in the location museum of freedom, concord and sanctuary hills. This quest was given by Preston garvey. By achieving this quest you can get 300 XP points, 50 fusion cells, power armor, 100 caps. Here you need to encounter with Minutemen.

Jewel of common wealth: this will be located in Radiant locations. This is given by Preston garvey. By acquiring this quest you can get 300 XP Points, flare gun, 100 caps, garvey will be a companion, rank of general in Minutemen. Get help in diamond city.

Unlikely valentine: you need to rescue from the gunshot here. The location where this is located is park street station and vault 114. This quest was given by Ellie Perkins. By achieving the quest we will get 200 XP Points, 100 bottle caps, faded trench coat, worn fedora.

Getting a clue: Here you should more about the disappearance of Shaun. This is found in diamond city. This is given by mama Murphy. By getting this quest you will get 150 XP Points.

Reunions: this is found in Fort hagen. This is given by Nick valentine. Here there will be track down Kellogg.

Dangerous minds: find doctor amari at this point. This is found in memory den Kellogg’s. This is given by nick valentines. By getting this we will get 300 XP .

fallout 4 brotherhood of steel

The glowing sea: you need to find out the escaped institute scientists. This will be found in the edge of glowing sea, rocky cave, crater of atoms. This will be given by Doctor amari. The reward by getting this quest is 350 XP.

Hunter hunted: this will be located in CIT ruins, Genentech genetics. This will be given by Virgil. The reward given by him is 350 XP points. Here find a way to institute.

The molecular level: build the teleported by placing at this point. By getting this we will get 400 XP points.

Automatron DLC walkthrough:  These are the quest when we come in the fallout 4 game. Once the below are cleared then we will have the chance of getting the new quest to reach the higher levels.

  • Mechanical menace
  • A new threat
  • Headhunting
  • Restoring order

Far harbor DLC walkthrough: This quest is available to the players who are having far harbor in their systems. If not installed please set the settings and have the far harbor in your device. Then the below quests will be appearing on the game. These quests will be available in different location and each quest will be given by different person. Accept them to get the reward points which make the game easy.

  • Far from home
  • Walk in park
  • Where you belong
  • Visions in the fog
  • Best left forgotten
  • The way life should be
  • Cleaning the land
  • Reformation
  • Close to home

Vault tec workshop DLC walk through: these quests will be played once you have the vault tec installed in your device. If the player is not having the software related to vault tec then the below quest will be not appearing on the screen. The reward points in this play will be very exciting so that they is increase in the points. The quest swill be given by various person in various locations. To know them follow the guide and get all of them.

  • Vault tec calling
  • Better living underground
  • A model citizen
  • Explore vault 88
  • Power to people
  • The watering hole
  • Vision of the future
  • Lady luck

1. Institute quest:

This quest will be depending on the teleporter which was build by the player in the molecular level. The following will be the quest at this point


Synth retention

The battle of bunker hill

Mankind redefined

Mass fusion


Powering up

End of the line

Airship down

Nuclear family

Institute quest

2 Minutemen quest:

Inside job

Form ranks

Taking independence

Old guns

Defend the castle:

The nuclear option:

Minutemen quest

3. Brotherhood of steel quest:


Fire support

Call to arms

Semper invicta

Shadow of steel

Tour of duty

Show no mercy

From within

Outside the wire

Liberty reprimed

Blind betrayal

Tactical thinking

Spoils of war

Ad Victoriam

The nuclear option

A new dawn

4. Radiant quest:

Cleansing the common wealth

Quarter mastery

Leading by example

Learning curve

Feeding the troops

5. Miscellaneous quest:

The lost patrol

Duty or dishonour

A loose end

Miscellaneous: getting technical

Miscellaneous: blood bank

Miscellaneous: reactor coolant

6. Railroad quest:

Road to freedom

Operation Ticonderoga

Underground undercover


Precipice of war

Rockets’ red glare

The nuclear option

Burning cover

7. Radiant quest:

Butchers bill 1

Butchers bill 2

Mercer safe house




Randolph safe house

Variable removal

To the mattress

Lost soul

A clean equation

High ground

8. Secondary quest:

The first step:

Vault 81

Here kitty kitty

Hole in the wall

Road to freedom


Inside job

Human error

Boston after dark

Story of the century

Taking independence

Guide by location:

Vault 111




Diamond city

Coverage assembly plant

USAF satellite station Olivia

Tenpins bluff

Mystic pines

Rotten landfill

Thicket excavations


Museum of freedom

Vault 81

Vault 75

Vault 114

Fort Hagan

Edge of glowing sea

Genentech genetics


Bunker hill

CIT runs

Mass fusion building

The castle

Boston airport

Cambridge police station

College square


Arc h jet system

Fort strong

General atomics galleria

Milton general hospital

Sentinel site

Listening post bravo

Old north church

Med Tek research

National guard training yard

Reverse satellite array

Recon bunker theta

Rocky cave

Other site location:

Fairline hill estate

Fiddlers green trailer estate

Home plate

Layton towers

Lynn towers

Monsignor plaza

Natick banks

Parkview apartments


Slocums Joe corporate hq

Sunshine tiding co op

West Everett estate

Skylanes flight 1665

Skylanes flight 1981

Vertiberd wreckage

Wreck of the FMS Northern star

Wreck of the USS riptide

Abernathy farm

Break heart banks

Country crossing

Finch framing


Greentop nursiung

Nordhagen beach

Warwick homestead

Atom cats garage

Big johns salvage

Hub city auto wreckers

Jalbert brothers disposal

Rotten landfill

Scrap palace

Wicked shipping fleet lockup

Cambridge campus diner

Drumlin diner

Fort hagan filling station

Lynn pier station

Red rock truck stop

Starlight drive in

Dunwich borers

Mass gravel adn sand

Murk water construction site

Quincy quarries

Thickest excavations

Boston mayoral shelter

Federal ration stockpile

Fort hagan satellite array

Listening post bravo

National guard tranbing yard

Recon bunker theta

Reverse satellite array

S boston military checkpoint

Sentinel site

Cambridge crater

Collage square

Combat zone

Forest grove marsh

Hangman alley

Jamaica plan

Postal square

Quincy ruins


Andrew station

Bedford station

Medical centre metro

Part street station

Reverse beach station

West Roxbury station

Gunners plaza

Outpost zimonja

Radio tower 3SM U81

Relay towers

WRVRbroadcast staion

Fallout 4 offers a wide range of quests, including main story quests, faction quests, side quests, and miscellaneous quests. Here are some notable quests from the game:

Fallout 4 boasts an abundance of quests, each one offering its own distinct storyline, characters and objectives. Quests provide opportunities for exploration, combat, decision-making and interaction within the game world for an enhanced and immersive gaming experience.

  1. Main Story Quests:
    • Out of Time
    • Jewel of the Commonwealth
    • Dangerous Minds
    • The Glowing Sea
    • Institutionalized
    • The Nuclear Option
  2. Faction Quests:
    • Joining the Minutemen: Taking Independence
    • Joining the Brotherhood of Steel: Call to Arms
    • Joining the Railroad: Road to Freedom
    • Joining the Institute: Institutionalized
  3. Side Quests:
    • The Silver Shroud: Take on the role of The Silver Shroud to combat crime.
    • Diamond City Blues: Unravel an illegal drug deal in Diamond City. T
    • he Big Dig: Join Bobbi No-Nose in her heist operation at
    • The Big Dig, while in The Cabot House you investigate suspicious happenings relating to Cabot House family.
    • The Secret of Cabot House: Help the Cabot family manage an ancient artifact.
    • The USS Constitution: Support the talking robot ship as it endeavors to return to sea.
  4. Miscellaneous Quests:
    • Help a lost child return home! SAVE: Kid in a Fridge is one of three games designed to aid missing children find their way home safely,
    • Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution requires retrieving parts for its damaged ship; urmari The Lost Patrol requires searching for missing Brotherhood patrol members; whilst Here There Be Monsters requires investigating reports of sea monster sightings across Commonwealth waters.
    • Ghoul Problem/Settler Quests: Assist settlements in dealing with various issues.


How Many Quests Are in Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 features over 300 quests that span across main story quests, faction quests, side quests, miscellaneous and radiant missions – with each offering different benefits in the game.

Which Fallout 4 quest should I choose?

Finding the ideal Fallout 4 quest depends entirely on personal tastes. The game offers a diverse array of quests with unique themes, storylines and memorable moments; popular examples among players include “The Silver Shroud,” Far Harbor,” Cabot House,” Blind Betrayal” and The Secret of Cabot House” among many more.

Can You Romance Piper in Fallout 4?

Absolutely, romance Piper from Diamond City with Fallout 4. By engaging in dialogue options she likes and performing actions which satisfy her, you can establish an intimate romantic relationship over time.

Does Fallout 4 end?

Absolutely, Fallout 4 features an end to its main story arc that depends on player choices throughout.

Did Fallout 4 Fail to Deliver?

No, Fallout 4 did not disappoint critics or commercially; in fact it sold millions of copies worldwide and became one of the most anticipated and successful games released that year.

Was Fallout 4 a success?

Yes, both critically and commercially. Critics gave praise for its open world exploration, storytelling and immersive gameplay features; in turn millions were sold worldwide making Fallout 4 one of the most celebrated titles ever released at that time.

Which game from Bethesda has the highest sales volume?

Bethesda’s best-selling title is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which has become an enormous commercial success since its release in 2011. Millions have been sold across various platforms since 2011.

Which Fallout game sold the highest volume?

To date, Fallout 4 has sold millions of copies worldwide and become one of its best-selling titles in its series.

How Long Will Fallout 4 Take To Reach 100% Completion?

Completing Fallout 4 to its fullest can take anywhere between 80 to 150 hours on average depending on an individual’s playstyle, exploration habits, and completionist tendencies.

On average it usually takes at least that long for quests to be complete, locations explored fully explored, all items collected and content fully experienced – depending on individual play styles and personal completionist tendencies.

Is Fallout 4 better than Skyrim?

Comparing Fallout 4 to Skyrim is highly subjective and ultimately up to individual preferences. Both games have received critical acclaim in their respective genres:

Fallout 4 for its post-apocalyptic setting with exploration, choice-driven storytelling, robust crafting system and robust crafting system while Skyrim offers its vast open world, epic quests and deep character customization; ultimately your decision comes down to setting, gameplay mechanics and immersion preferences – no one wins here

Which video game has the longest story?

Depending on your criteria for measuring it, there can be different games with lengthy stories such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Final Fantasy VII, Red Dead Redemption 2, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that feature extensive plotlines.

 Which Fallout game has the longest playback and content?

When considering both playtime and content, Fallout: New Vegas stands out as being among the longest titles in this franchise. Offering an expansive open world filled with quests, exploration opportunities, and branching storylines which can extend playback considerably.

How Many GB Does Fallout 4 Take Up for Installation?

Installation size can differ depending on your platform and any additional downloadable content (DLC) added; however, on most platforms the base game without DLC typically needs 30-40GB.

What is the smallest Fallout game?

In terms of file size, Fallout Shelter likely comes out on top as being one of the smallest titles from this franchise. Featuring mobile gameplay with relatively minimal installation sizes compared to its mainline counterparts.

Is Fallout 4 map small?

Fallout 4 features an expansive and substantial map size. While not as large as some open world games, Fallout 4 boasts an immersive environment with urban centers, rural settlements, and wilderness to discover.


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