Fallout 4 Power Armor Locations

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The power armor is known as multi component armor. It consists of base frame with assorted pieces and the armor pieces will be placed at the top. The power armor will be functioned only if the fusion core is used. It can be obtained by source of power. This power armor can be used to destroy the enemies and attack them with more power.

If you hurt during the attack then the armor will be protecting you. But this will be drained over the time. The actions of power armor will consume AP with which the art of depletion will be increased. If the armor gets depleted the unit can be operated and used but should not be used at the dead weights.

Fallout 4 Power Armor

Fallout 4 Power Armor sets are powerful and iconic features of the game, and there are several notable locations where you can find these armor sets:

Concord – Museum of Freedom: As part of your main quest “When Freedom Calls,” you will come across T-45 Power Armor on its rooftop location where Preston Garvey and his group reside.

Lexington-Corvega Assembly Plant: You will find an example of T-45 Power Armor on a raised platform within this assembly plant.

  • Cambridge Police Station: As you progress through the main questline, the Brotherhood of Steel will establish themselves at Cambridge Police Station and you’ll discover an arsenal of T-60 Power Armor there.
  • National Guard Training Yard: Inside the armory building at this training yard you will find a partial set of T-45 Power Armor.
  • Atom Cats Garage: Located to the southeast of the map, Atom Cats Garage serves as a hub for Power Armor enthusiasts. You can purchase and customize various Power Armor sets here such as T-45, T-51 and T-60 sets.
  • Prydwen: The airship used by the Brotherhood of Steel serves as their main base, where you’ll find several Power Armor sets – such as T-60 – guarded by their members or accessible through quests.
  • Fort Strong: Within the armory building you can find a set of X-01 Power Armor, but in order to gain access you must either progress through a main questline or complete specific tasks first.
  • Mass Fusion Building: When undertaking the quest “Mass Fusion,” you will discover an incomplete set of X-01 Power Armor on a rooftop.

If you support The Institute faction, their facility offers full sets of X-01 Power Armor that you can acquire for use during battle.

These are just some of the notable locations where Power Armor can be found in Fallout 4. Remember that certain Power Armor sets require advanced lockpicking or hacking skills in order to gain full access. Furthermore, enemies or NPCs may wear Power Armor which you can take from by defeating them in combat.

Fallout 4 Power Armor

In this we can found different variants. Each variant have different actions. They will be found in different places. By knowing those in detail will help to improve the game. They may be useful at the highest point or in the attacking also. Let us see the variants and their characteristics now.

1. Empty frame:

These variants are found in the common wealth but can be found near different merchants. These frames have to be purchased. These are the base frames in which all the power armor are to be mounted. The secondary function of this frame sis to repair and upgrade power armor pieces.

Empty frame

2. Raider power armor:

This is a makeshift which is made up of scrap metal and other salvageable components. Due to the nature of its design it is weak compared to its counter parts. There is limited scope of modification also.

Fallout 4 Raider power armor

3. T-45 power armor:

It is the first set of armor manufactured for military. This will be lesser in degree domestic and commercial use. This armor will be used in common wealth during the quest when freedom calls. It armor is weak when compared to other but it is more advanced counterparts.

Fallout 4 T-45 power armor

4. T-51 power armor:

It is the suit of choice in Railroad. This is the armor which is wide in commercial use. This will be used before the outbreak of the Great War. This will be later replaced by the T-60 with all the new technology in it. But this armor will be useful in the initial places to discover the suits in game.

Fallout 4 T-51 power armor

5. T-60 power armor:

This was designed to replace the T-51 armor. The armor technology is used in US military arsenal. Brotherhood will oftenly use this armor across US. This is the legendary armor. It contains all the advanced technology. With this technology the odds in the play can be done easily. This armor will be helping the player to choose the goals cleverly. There are many advantages with this armor.

Fallout 4 T-60 power armor

6. X-01 power armor:

This is designed as to fall before the release of bombs. It was engineered by US military after the Great War. This is the most powerful armor from the above. By gaining this armor the player have the sufficient energy to attack the enemies. Not only the attack has it helped the players to reach their goals.

Fallout 4 X-01 power armor

7. Levelled power armor:

All the power armor should be located in common wealth only as this is the scaled up level. Frames sometimes spawn with incomplete set of armors. Once the generated armor created then it does not influences the previous level. If there are any upgraded armor then the range will also increases.

Fallout 4 Levelled power armor

Fallout 4 Power Armor ID Codes

S.No Description ID
1. Empty frame
Empty frame 0002079e
Ingram’s frame  00225a5f
2. Raider power armor
Full armor – No helmet 00140ea6
Full armor 00153392
Slag’s armor 001a94eb
Cutty’s armor 00137b81
Boomer’s armor 0021e09c
3. T-45 power armor
No helmet 0004a9
Full armor – Damaged with no fusion core 0019ded9
Full armor 0017fb09
4. T-51 power armor
Nuka T-51 power armor xx01152e
Vim! Refresh paint job xx043c80
Tessa’s 001a9078
Clint’s 001a9077
No helmet – Full armor 00162ac7
Full armor 00034309
5. T-60 power armor
Full armor – No helmet 000d12b0
Jetpack modification 0012b408
Military paint 00185d62
Damaged with no core 0018980e
No fusion core 00061d9b
Full armor 0017fb0a
Varham’s 00061d9b
Duke’s 001865ca
Danse’s 00249849
BoS Sentinel 00182f19
6. X-01 power armor
Quantum X-01 power armor xx031723
No fusion core 00170446
Full armor 001681e2
Danse’s 0022b5e5
7. Leveled power armor
Randomized parts 00154abc
Torso only 00219c2d
Partial armor No fusion
Full armor – No fusion core 0018ae57
Full armor 0018ae55

Fallout 4 Power Armor Locations

If the armor parts are repaired then it can be replaced in fixed number only. There are different spawn’s points. Some of the frames can be appeared by loading a save from the previous area. The player’s characteristic is very important here for entering into the different areas.  There is option of additional armor pieces also they can be purchased at the time of atom cat’s garage from Rowdy.

There is some armor which cannot be owned. Some of them are listed here. They are 35 court, the dig, dry rock diner, cave, Jamaica plain, fort strong, mass gravel and sand, revere satellite army, Nuka world power plant, rotten landfill, university point, west Everett estates, star pot Nuka etc. all these armor are not purchased by money they can be owned by the players interest and the characteristic.

While coming to the owned armor they can be classified into two they are:

  1. Owned
  2. Raider owned


The worn and frames can be theft by destroying or pick pocketing the fusion core. Then they can be owned. If the player enters into the stolen frame then the character will be having tow within that area and the stealing will be affecting the players. Then the affinity will be lowered and damage will be there.

So while entering these regions be careful and behave properly. There are some locations where the players need to be careful. The locations are Quincy ruins, gunner’s plaza, waypoint echo, atom cats garage, mass fusion building, Quincy police station, the prydwen, hub city auto wreckers, fort Hagen hangar.

Raider owned:

These are the location where the raider shows this talent and gain the armor for him. So these locations will be easy to get more and more armor. But be careful with the enemies and ghosts. The attack will be more when you are reaching the higher levels. The location are MS Azalea, Poseidon energy, dunwich borers, outpost zimonja, Saugus iron works, Lexington, roadside pines motel, settlements, wrench of the USS Riptide, Poseidon energy, revere beach station, Massachusetts state house.

Fallout 4 best power armor

Based on all armor the best among them is X-01. This will be locating in the east side of the waste land on custom house tower. Instead of this get into the southwest down until you reach the building with tall green which will be in the lefty of the tower entrance we can see that the sign that says “35 court”.

There will be a red button in the chamber from this the robots will be coming out. Remove all the defective bombs and proceed to press the red button on both the chambers. By this activity the doors will be opened and the full suit will be found in the centre of the chamber. The full suit of X-01 power armor housed inside. There many locations where the suits will be available. One among the location is found in western side of the map where the Abandoned shack is located on northwest of glowing sea.

Another suit is found at National Guard training yard inside the armony. Now look for the red metal door here there will be fight with ghouls. Here the armony contains the security door that requires master level hacking skills to unlock the door. Here you can use nick valentine who is great hacker. But here hacker perk having enough rank. Now the suit will be found behind the security door only.

Now other suits will be found based on the players at different locations. The number of parts is also a random one. The aim should be at the highest level or 30 to get the suit. Before tracking just have a save file with you this will be useful in the higher levels. When there is higher players the more chance of finding the suits of X-01.

By finding this suits the players gets more benefited. When compared to other armor in fallout 4 this X-01 will having more impact on the variants. So this is more powerful and useful armor for the players. The boosting and attacking power of enemies will be improved through wearing the suit. So find out the suits by the above mentioned clues.

Fallout 4 legendary power armor

There are many players who don’t know about the power armor. So they used as their wish. But following certain this and using them at correct location will be very helpful to players. So here the list of legendry armor to be used to achieve higher levels.  The most of the pieces is found in care of the BOs. Collect them.

T-45 and T-51 consists of peizonucleic chest piece. This piece will be based on the players level as you go high level with T-51 you will notice this. To get from the chest piece the following must be done. You need to go through the Cambridge polymers lab and garb the chest piece at the end. This will be increasing AP regen while exposed to the radiation. Just keep in mind about the location. If you need a rock they the railroad need to be set in T-51 armor.

Coming to the one of the largest legendary armor is T-60. In this half will be found in acquired post story only. The T-60 will be available after completing the duty or dishonour stage. In order to do these in the easiest way just speak with the captain kells at any time the only notable expectation is active quest. When you move to the airport clear out some ghouls.

By which some of the legendary armor will be found. The next piece is Honor. This is the right leg of T-60. To get this you need to do is complete the blind betrayal level and buy it from the Teagan. In mean time you need to complete the liberty reprimed before speaking with Allie fill more in mass fusion.

The next two pieces will be found only when you complete the nuclear option with Bos. This can be done by same like Minutemen. Talk to kells again then he will ask you kill the Virgil. If you kill or not kells will be giving a T-60 helmet. Go back to Teagan and buy the vengeance. This is nothing but a leg piece of T-60.


Where is the best place to find power armor in Fallout 4?

Power armor can be found throughout the game in various places. Some of the more likely spots include military bases like Fort Strong and National Guard Training Yard as well as Prydwen (airship belonging to Brotherhood of Steel). You might also run across it during quests or while exploring.

Where is All Power Armor Found in Fallout 4?

Listing every Power Armor Location would be too time consuming a task; they are scattered throughout Fallout 4, such as military installations and abandoned buildings as well as rewards from quests. Exploration is advised as armor may be hiding somewhere within its universe!

Which power armor in Fallout 4 is rarest?

The X-01 power armor stands out as being one of the rarest items. As an advanced model of power armor with high damage resistance and energy resistance capabilities, this powerful suit of protection is hard to come by in Fallout 4. Luckily it can often be found within locked containers in high-level areas or found scattered about such as at the Institute or hidden among crates around town.

Where can I find an X-01 power armor in Fallout 4?

The X-01 power armor can be found in various areas throughout Fallout 4, such as the National Guard Training Yard, South Boston Military Checkpoint and Nuka-World DLC. Keep an eye out for highly guarded or locked areas when looking for it, so prepare yourself for tough enemies and lock-picking challenges when looking for it!

Which Power Armor Set Is Coolest?

Coolest” power armor sets vary based on individual preference and aesthetic appeal. Some power armor sets that may be appealing or unique include the X-01 Power Armor Set, T-60 Power Armor and Nuka-Cola Quantum Power Armor Variant (NCQV).

Which power armor in Fallout is the strongest?

In terms of damage resistance and energy resistance, the X-01 power armor is often considered the strongest choice among Fallout 4 power armor variants. Other armor such as the T-60 or T-51b offer high levels of protection as well.

What is the oldest power armor model in Fallout?

The T-45 power armor is considered to be one of the oldest models within the Fallout series and was the first power armor successfully deployed on battleground prior to World War One.

Which power armor variant provides the lowest overall protection?

Fallout 4’s weakest power armor variant is Raider power armor. Although this armour provides minimal overall defenses compared to others, it still can provide substantial advantages during early game stages.

What is the Strongest Fallout Weapon?

This depends on various factors including character build, playstyle and personal preference, but some prominent weapons include the Gauss Rifle, Overseer’s Guardian (a unique combat rifle), Kiloton Radium Rifle from Far Harbor DLC as well as Two-Shot or Explosive legendary weapons as often mentioned by players.

What is X’s strongest armor?

Excuse me, but I need more information in order to understand what you mean by “X’s strongest armor.” If you could provide more context or specify which “X” you’re talking about I would be more than happy to assist you further.

Is Hellcat Power Armor Worth it?

The Hellcat power armor in Fallout 4 can be customized by players to meet personal preferences, with its effectiveness and desirability depending on which mods have been added to it. While some players may find it enjoyable and effective, others may prefer other variants or combinations of mods more effectively suited for their game experience.

What are my best armor options in Fallout 4?

Legendary armor pieces often provide additional benefits beyond standard stats and make for excellent purchases from vendors or enemies alike. You can unlock these powerful effects through defeating legendary enemies or purchasing them directly. Customizing armor pieces using ballistic weave – unlocked via Railroad faction crafting options – may also significantly strengthen their protective abilities.

What is the strongest non-DLC armor in Fallout 4?

In general, Fallout 4’s strongest non-DLC armor is generally considered to be its fully upgraded Heavy Combat Armor variant – providing high ballistic and energy resistance as well as being further customized with legendary effects and mods for further customization.

How can I attain the highest defense in Fallout 4?

Reaching maximum defensive values in Fallout 4 can be done through combining armor with high ballistic and energy resistance values with legendary effects, plus using relevant perks and consumables to strengthen it further. By employing all these factors together, one can reach very high defensive values indeed.

How do I farm legendary items in Fallout 4?

Farming legendaries requires repeatedly engaging in combat with legendary enemies to increase the chance of finding and collecting legendary weapons or armor from them.

Legendary enemies randomly appear throughout the game world and defeating them can result in them dropping legendary loot, so fast traveling between areas and exploring high level locations may increase encounters with legendary foes that drop rare items that increase your chances of acquiring legendary loot.


The total pieces were found. By this piece there will be 10% reduction in VATS. Here is the best alternative is to mix and match the T-60 with the X-01. We can see the amazing results. We know that there are no special legendary pieces for the X-01. The best way is use both the armor at a time and there will be more in use. The difference in protection is different from one armor to other. But this will be influencing more. So use accordingly.

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