Fallout 4 Old Guns Quest Walkthrough

A complete Fallout 4 Old Guns quest walkthrough are best for its lover, If you also old guns fallout 4 lover then this post will help you sure. As demand on our blogs fans about Fallout 4 Script Extender and also wallpapers now we are talking about this. The Old Guns is a Minutemen mission and a main quest in Fallout 4 that comes soon after Taking Independence.

In order to play this quest of Old Guns, you need to successfully complete Taking Independence. After that, you need to start handling the new quests for Minutemen.

Fallout 4 Old Guns

Later, you will be informed by Preston Garvey that an old member of Minutemen wants to speak with you at the Castle. The member is none other than Ronnie Shaw. You need to talk to her and help her find the castle.

Before starting the quest you need to make sure that you have enough weapons with you as it involves a strong robot and machines, which can only be destroyed with the use of effective tools.

Fallout 4 Old Guns

Combat with strong robot – Sarge

Ronnie’s plan is to secure the castle with old Artillery cannons. Walk with her and you will be led to a collapsed tunnel. Switch to build mode and convert it into scrap which ends you up in an underground tunnels in the castle. You need to be careful while walking in the tunnel as landmines were hidden inside the ground, which will explode if you get near them. While walking, you will confront with a robot – Sarge in a chamber.

The robot is quite strong and you need to combat with it well in order to survive. Watch out as it has a thick armor and has high possibility that it would cause great damage. The trick to escape or combat with it to win is to use the narrow corridors during the fight to jump to the sides when you think that the robot is preparing to attack.

Combat with strong robot

Collect the valuable things from last General

The only way to get rid of it is to get behind it and strike a straight shot at its core. As we said earlier, you need to use the best weapons to fight the enemy. You need not harm your allies as they would come for great help in the future.

While killing the robot, you should maintain good distance as the explosion through which it dies could cause you severe damage or even kill you. Once you are all done with the combat with the robot, you will be taken to another room by Ronnie where you can find the body of last General.

You can take his valuable armor and also alcohol if you want and move to the next door. The next door will lead you to the western part of the stronghold.

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Build the artillery

Now, you will be led to the old store room where you can find lots of weapons and ammo. You need to collect the plans residing on the table and the Artillery flares placed inside a yellow colored box. Once you are done with collecting all the stuff, let Ronnie lead you to the surface.

Once you are on the surface, your mission is to build an Artillery Cannon. Listen to the conversation with Ronnie and go back to the main court or surface and open the workshop window. In order to build Artillery Cannon, you need to open Special projects tab and select Artillery Piece. You can place this anywhere on the courtyard as you want.

In order to build Artillery, you will need great resources, which you may not have at hand at this point. So, you will need to wait until you get enough resources at hand. Until the time you get the enough resources, place it on the top of the wall or hide it somewhere.

You need not worry about the direction in which the artillery was placed as it has the ability to rotate. The object needs to be operated by someone. So, once the artillery is all built, you can leave it in someone’s care. Make sure it is not Preston, Ronnie or the minuteman. It is mandatory that at least one person stays back in the castle and operate the artillery.

Build the artillery

Time to test the Artillery

As the Artillery is ready to operate, now is the time to test it. Once the Artillery was built, talk to Ronnie and she guides you the testing process of it. You need to go away from the castle along with Ronnie to the place where the test will be held. It’s time to activate Pip-Boy and Radio Freedom.

Set the flares ready and go to the house that is pretty near to the Castle. Start the flare and go as back as you can. The Artillery smoke grenades will fall on the castle and the entire place will be bombed. If you have strong enemies, you can now use the artillery backup to combat them easily.

“The Old Guns” quest in Fallout 4 is part of the Minutemen faction’s storyline and involves helping them reclaim and restore Castle, their former stronghold. Below is a step-by-step walkthrough for completing “The Old Guns.”

Join the Minutemen: In order to unlock “The Old Guns,” it’s necessary for you to join the Minutemen faction and complete some of their earlier quests, such as “Taking Independence.” This quest requires taking back Castle Mirelurk from Mirelurks; once completed, “The Old Guns” quest becomes available.

After taking back the Castle, speak to Ronnie Shaw. She can usually be found near the radio tower at Castle or one of its nearby buildings; when approached she will provide background on Castle history as well as request your help in restoring it.

Gather Artillery Schematics: Ronnie Shaw will inform you that the Minutemen used to possess artillery at the Castle but it was stolen during an attack. She asks you to retrieve these schematics from the National Guard Training Yard at a location marked on your map.

Retrieve Artillery Schematics: Travel to the National Guard Training Yard and locate the building where Artillery Schematics are stored, being wary of enemies within it; retrieve them from a desk inside.

As soon as you’ve obtained the Artillery Schematics, return to Ronnie Shaw near the radio station tower at Castle. She will give them to you and explain next steps for strengthening its defenses.

Clear the Rubble: Ronnie Shaw will ask you to help clear away any debris obstructing the tunnels leading to her underground armory. Follow her to its entrance, where she’ll give you a quest item known as a Castle Tunnel Access Holotape that should be placed into an nearby terminal to activate security systems and clear away the rubble.

After clearing away the rubble, enter the tunnels and engage any enemies you come across before making your way towards the armory and defeating any remaining adversaries to secure it.

Once the armory has been secured, return to the surface and meet Ronnie Shaw near your newly restored artillery. She will give instructions on how to assign Minutemen settlers as soldiers for this artillery piece using the workshop interface.

Once you have assigned settlers to an artillery unit, Ronnie Shaw will give instructions for testing its cannon. Aim the gun at a designated target and initiate the test fire; observe as its explosive shells begin raining down upon that target!

After firing your artillery successfully, return to Ronnie Shaw. She will express her satisfaction at your efforts in rebuilding defenses and progress made by Minutemen – this quest “The Old Guns” will have been successfully completed and you may receive experience points or potentially other bonuses as rewards.

Completing “The Old Guns” quest enables the Minutemen to upgrade their Castle base with functional artillery for future operations by strengthening it with powerful defensive weapons and providing powerful defensive assets to support them in their operations. Furthermore, this milestone marks an important moment in their faction storyline.

What Can Be Done With Old Guns in Fallout 4?

“Old Guns” is a quest in Fallout 4 which requires you to help the Minutemen restore Castle artillery defenses by fulfilling various objectives such as finding artillery schematics, clearing tunnels, and finding components. Once complete, use your Castle artillery during battles for strikes!

How can I open the door in Old Guns Fallout 4?

To complete the Old Guns quest and open its door, you must fulfill its objectives and follow its markers. This involves finding Castle armory and retrieving Artillery Schematics from it.

What is the quest code for Old Guns in Fallout 4?

Fallout 4’s quest code for “Old Guns” is “MinRecruit07.” If you want a mythic gun in Call of Duty: Mobile,

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There ends the quest and after that meet Preston Garvey who will give you a new quest. On successful completion of this quest, you will be rewarded with experience points and a new random side quest. Hope this Fallout 4 Old Guns post will help you sure, If you need more about fallout 4 old guns then comment below.

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